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Oil Rig Safety: Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

Oil rigs are complex industrial facilities located onshore and offshore, and they pose significant risks to the environment and the people working on them. Ensuring oil rig safety requires a multi-faceted approach, with one critical aspect being equipment inspection and maintenance. This article will delve into the essential practices and procedures that oil rig operators […]

Health & Safety

Near Miss Reporting Management

Trusted by companies all over the world Before FAT FINGER High unforeseen incidents Poor safety inspection tools can lead to missed opportunities for detecting incidents, resulting in potentially hazardous conditions going unnoticed and uncorrected. Reactive decision making Team may be too busy dealing with the present situation to think about what can be done in […]

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Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality (HSEQ) Framework

When speaking of workplace safety management, the Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality (HSEQ) framework often comes up. Industries such as mining, oil and energy, engineering, and manufacturing are quite often associated with injury statistics such as the following: But how can you prevent these workplace hazards and promote a safety culture? To prevent incidents such […]