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Crafting a perfect shutdown involves thoughtful consideration of each step along the way – but don’t worry, here at FAT FINGER, we’ve designed this easy checklist to help make your process go as smoothly as possible.

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Unplanned downtime

Emergency maintenance caused by sudden asset failures is costly and impacts production.

Procedures are not followed

Without adherence to workflows, team accountability is at risk while asset reliability is decreasing.

Bad asset data

Little to no tracking and reporting of real-time asset data and its conditions leads equipment to the point of failure.

No gaps, no lags – stay on top even during shutdowns

FAT FINGER provides easy-to-use workflows to help you manage your shutdown period on the go. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag & drop digital procedure, control scheduling, and manage maintenance tasks to keep your equipment running at peak performance even after shutdown.

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With everyone in sync, no task is missed

Managing shutdown checklists through FAT FINGER ensures that important tasks have not been overlooked and procedure have properly been followed. With our workflows, you can manage and monitor technicians and service providers’ work. Get a comprehensive view of all your assets, including repair history records, maintenance updates, SOPs and more.

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“With FAT FINGER, we have full visibility into all of our assets during the shutdown and have access to SOPs, maintenance history records and more in one simple app. I highly recommend it!”

Doris Smith, Plant Engineering Lead

Gain critical insights into your assets and boost reliability

Having access to the right asset data on each piece of equipment helps in anticipating maintenance so you can plan accordingly. Do integrations your way by connecting FAT FINGER into any system with our open API. Collect maintenance data on demand and make smarter decisions.

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Change the way you work

Transition a world of reactive maintenance tasks into a centralized asset management platform.

Customized shutdown workflows made just for you

We empower EVERYONE to initiate and create positive change to streamline your company’s asset reliability and maintenance program during shutdown no matter where you are. Access your own asset details and take customized work requests from creation to completion using your mobile device so you can fast when you needed.

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When is Plant Shutdown Necessary?

Shutdowns are generally required for two reasons: planned outages for maintenance, and unexpected outages due to malfunctions or other issues.

Planned outages involve engineering teams proactively planning and scheduling the periods when a facility needs to be shut down, allowing for safe repair and maintenance of part or all of the manufacturing plant.
Unplanned shutdowns occur during emergencies that require immediate response, such as industrial accidents or leakages. In either case, engineering plays a vital role in minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient operation of the plant upstream.

Importance of Manufacturing Plant Shutdown

In engineering, especially in the oil and gas industry, plant shutdowns are essential for improved efficiency, productivity, and safety.

1.These scheduled shut-downs allow engineering teams to inspect and maintain equipment, ensuring it runs optimally. In many cases, inspection and maintenance during this period will reduce breakdowns and prevent costly repairs or replacement of parts or equipment.
2. The planning phase before a shutdown allows for more outstanding planning regarding budgeting for the tasks at hand and aids engineering teams in minimizing project timeline exposure risk since engineering activities can be planned more precisely with better control around resources.

Altogether, engineering departments fully recognize the importance of these regular shutdowns as they provide a platform to ensure that their facilities remain properly maintained while reducing unexpected downtime.

How to Create an Effective Shutdown Plan

Planning a plant shutdown involves taking preventative steps to reduce risk and ensure safety and foreseeing and addressing downtime issues that may occur during the shutdown process.

1. Create a timeline with milestones mapped out before the shutdown. 
2. Develop work packages that detail specific engineering operations and project roles. 
3. Consider the supply chain of components needed and anticipate potential delays.  
4. Draw up maintenance schedules for each equipment unit to conduct trial runs pre-shutdown.   
5. Compile all paperwork, such as engineering permits, operational instructions, and training sessions, before shutting down the plant.

Careful planning for engineering projects during a plant shutdown can minimize risks, allowing maximum productivity within tight deadlines. A checklist of shutdown tasks and procedures also serves as an essential guide to ensure that engineering teams stick to their timeline, allowing for a safe plant shutdown.

Manage your plant shutdown effectively

How Can Fat Finger Help You Craft a Successful Shutdown Plan?

Creating a checklist for your shutdown plan ensures all equipment and processes are turned off correctly.

To guarantee a successful and safe shutdown, it is vital to use an established guide supported by good practice. FAT FINGER can help you develop shutdown plans with a library of shutdown and other maintenance checklists that are easily customizable to suit the requirements of your plant.

FAT FINGER’s comprehensive shutdown checklist help to ensure shutdowns are appropriately planned and executed, enabling you to keep your manufacturing plant running efficiently.

FAT FINGER provides easy-to-use workflows to help you manage your shutdown program. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag & drop digital procedures, control scheduling, and oversee maintenance.  Get a comprehensive view of all your assets during the shutdown, history records, maintenance updates, SOPs, and more while inside the app.

Through FAT FINGER’s shutdown checklist and engineering support, we can provide the guidance necessary for a successful shutdown process every time. Contact us today to learn more about how FAT FINGER can help you shut down your plant safely and efficiently.


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