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Material Inspection

​Material Inspection

Material inspection is the key to quality assurance success. Ensure the highest quality standards of your products with thorough material inspection.

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Low throughput

Manual processes and repetitive tasks are time-consuming and often lead to errors which decrease throughput.

High costs

Operational processing costs can quickly add up when relying on manual entry that requires more manpower.

Limited visibility and control

Operations reliant on manual monitoring do not have access to centralized data making it hard to understand performance, compare KPIs, and benchmarking.

Take your team’s inspection to new heights

Digitize and automate your inspection checklists, SOPs, and audit processes into a smart workflow in minutes. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag and drop digital procedures that drive operational excellence directly where work is done and generate a professional report with one click.

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Digitalize your inspection means improving operational cost

Tasks such as manual reporting, workforce scheduling, and inspection monitoring are now automated. Set up recurring tasks to ensure your team is on the same page in minutes – minimizing lost time while maximizing output.

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Greater visibility means smarter decision

Every single piece of information captured by FAT FINGER users will feed your company analytics in real time. With FAT FINGER, you can see critical material inspection information in a live management dashboard and take action to make decisions that will increase your productivity.

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Improved quality of output. More data means more actionable insights!

Guide to Material Inspections

Here are few key things to keep in mind when it comes to material inspection.

Production employee checking the quality of a liquid
1.Ensure that the material is suitable for the intended purpose.

If it’s being used in a critical application, you’ll want to ensure that it meets all of the relevant safety and quality standards.

2. Know what to look for when inspecting materials.

There are a few key indicators of material quality, such as density, surface finish, and dimensional accuracy.

3. Make sure that the material meets all of the necessary quality requirements.

This includes checking for defects, impurities, functionality, and more.

4.Consider the benefits of using the material in question.

Is it more cost-effective than other options? Is it more durable? Is it easier to work with?

Material Inspection Tagging System

The material inspection tagging system allows inspectors to quickly and easily identify which materials meet the acceptance criteria specified in the purchase order.  By assessing a material utilizing these criteria, three possible results can be indicated:


Once the material is inspected and found to meet the necessary quality standards, it can be tagged as accepted and used in manufacturing.


Materials classified as “rejected” do not meet all requirements and cannot be used. Rejected materials must be appropriately tagged and removed from the manufacturing process to prevent any issues with the final product.

African American inspection engineer

This means that they do not meet all of the requirements but can be used if they are correctly modified or will not affect the final product quality.

The identification tagging system is a vital inspetion control tool that helps to ensure that materials meet the quality specified in the purchase order.

Inspection done right – the first time.

Effective Digital Material Inspection Checklist

Warehouse of raw materials

A few different aspects should be included in a material inspection checklist.

1.There should be a check for the manufacturing date.
2.There should be a check for any damage that may have occurred during shipping or storage.
3.There should be a check for the material’s overall quality. This includes reviews for size, shape, surface finish, and material properties.

It’s hard to keep track of all the materials that come into your factory and even harder to know which ones are ready for production.


FAT FINGER is a trusted inspection management tool that helps manufacturers quickly and easily tag materials as accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected during pre-production, which saves time and money by catching quality issues early.

With FAT FINGER, you can:
– Perform incoming inspections offline or online
– Schedule regular inspections and quality audits
– Capture photo evidence of tagged raw materials
– Automatically generate and share reports
– Assign actions for rejected/conditionally accepted items
– Gather digital signatures to authenticate results
-Customize according to your material inspection needs

Be confident that your manufacturing process is running smoothly and that any quality issues are resolved quickly and efficiently with FAT FINGER.

View of material inspection checklist in FAT FINGER


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