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Quality Control

Quality control is our mission. See to it that what your customers get presents the best of your brand. No defects here!

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Low throughput

Manual processes and repetitive tasks are time-consuming and often lead to errors which decrease throughput.

High costs

Operational processing costs can quickly add up when relying on manual entry that requires more manpower.

Limited visibility and control

Operations reliant on manual monitoring do not have access to centralized data making it hard to understand performance, compare KPIs, and benchmarking.

Take your team’s quality control procedures to new heights

Digitize and automate your checklists, SOPs, and quality processes into a smart workflow in minutes. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag and drop digital procedures that drive operational excellence directly where work is done and generate a professional report with one click.

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Digitalize your quality monitoring means improving operational cost

Tasks such as manual reporting, workforce scheduling, and quality monitoring are now automated. Set up recurring tasks to ensure your team is on the same page in minutes – minimizing lost time while maximizing output.

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“We’ve been using FAT FINGER’s Quality Control Checklist software for over a year now and it’s truly revolutionized how we conduct quality audits and inspections.”

David Andrews, Manufacturing Engineer

More quality data means smarter decision

Every single piece of information captured by FAT FINGER users will feed your company analytics in real time. With FAT FINGER, you can see critical production information in a live management dashboard and take action to make decisions that will increase your productivity.

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Do more of what matters most

Manage your operations effectively in just a click.

No IT team or code needed, using FAT FINGER is fast and easy.

We empower EVERYONE to initiate and create positive change to streamline the company’s business operations no matter where you are. Automatically assign tasks, send notifications, and simplify any process that requires authorization.

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FAT FINGER gets you results in operations

Committed to building sustainable operational excellence platform – trusted by thousand of users across the globe.


Reduced costs


Feel in more control of their operations


Reclaimed per procedure


Improved quality of output. More data means more actionable insights!

Why do Industries Need an Effective Quality Control?

Quality control is critical for any industry that wants to produce products that meet customer expectations. Quality Control Checklists are vital because it:

1.Ensures that products meet customer expectations by verifying that the product development process is followed correctly.
2.Can identify potential problems early on in the process before they result in defects or customer complaints.
3.Allows industries to track progress towards meeting quality goals.

In short,  Quality Control exist to improve Quality Standards throughout the industry by providing a systemized method of identifying & correcting errors along every step of production – from design to delivery. 

6 Steps to Create an Effective Quality Control Checklist

Here are the steps to creating a quality control inspection checklist: 

1. Identify the specific Quality Control criteria that you will be assessing.
2. Once you have identified the specific Quality Control criteria, you need to decide how you will measure compliance. 
3. Develop a checklist that includes all of the Quality Control criteria you will be assessing.
4. Once you have identified the Quality Control criteria and potential defects, you can start creating your quality control inspection checklist.
5. Test your Quality Control inspection checklist before using it on actual products.

Scientist inside the lab

6. Implement your Quality Control inspection checklist in your manufacturing process. This can help ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards.

Join the industry-wide move towards higher quality standards

Quality Control  Checklist with FAT FINGER 

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Integrating quality management into your business process can proactively catch product defects and prevent them from affecting the consumers and your organization’s hard-earned reputation. 

FAT FINGER Quality Control Checklist is a free, customizable digital checklist that the industry can use to help prevent insufficient data and poor-quality reports.

The digital checklist helps you to attach photos while conducting complete quality audits and inspections to ensure continuous improvement.

It also enables businesses to utilize quality-related forms and checklists and to find other templates that may be relevant to their business in the FAT FINGER Public Library.

Quality control checklist workflow

Implementing a quality control checklist with FAT FINGER  into your business process is an intelligent way to keep your product quality high and your manufacturing risks low.

Check out our video below on how FAT FINGER works, and see how easy our quality management software provides the tools you need to streamline your quality control processes and improve product quality.


Ensure front-line teams do their work correctly every time. Drag & drop digital procedures that unlock operational excellence.

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