Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Digital Workflow on Smart Glasses

Empower your workforce with game-changing smart glasses that puts immersive visual guides, interactive checklists, and documentation tools directly within their line of sight.
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Without FAT FINGER on Smart Glasses

Poor productivity

Employees must take off their gloves and pause to document or search information manually which is not always possible in all environments.

High unforeseen risks

Without proper visual instructions, employees can easily become disoriented in the workflow and be at risk of making errors.

Complex training

Frontline technicians must memorize all the practices and instructions during training which can be forgotten over time or even omitted.


Field Engineer using AR
Boost efficiency

Eliminate workflow interruptions by using voice commands to finish tasks quickly and conveniently. Capture photos and videos to document tasks, all from the convenience of an augmented reality workflow.

Live support for complex tasks
Interactive support for complex tasks

Workers can now access instructions, diagrams, and videos instantly within their field of view – enabling them to work more efficiently while reducing the risk of error-related incidents.

Training program using AR
More effective training

Digital workflow on smart glasses provides easy access to photos and videos for reference during a task. Every steps of the operation is clearly outlined ensuring no procedure is missed.

FAT FINGER Augmented Reality workflows are designed to help streamline operations and boost productivity.

Augmented Reality Transforming the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas workflows such as asset inspections, maintenance, and repairs are all automated using smart glasses. These smart glasses with live streaming capabilities allow complex tasks to be completed with ease and accuracy as they provide clear instructions and visual access to information directly within their line of sight.

Man using Augmented Reality in robotic arms

Augmented Reality Revolutionizing Traditional Manufacturing Methods

By harnessing smart glasses, manufacturing industries can streamline their operations in real-time with access to interactive 3D models, step-by-step instructions, and video tutorials when needed – all while keeping employees visible and accountable on the factory floor.

FAT FINGER Augmented Reality Workflow

Leveraging augmented reality technology results to enhanced digital experience while reducing operational errors and increasing operational efficiency


Fewer recorded incidents


Feel in more control of their operations


Reclaimed per procedure


Improved procedure adherence

Augmented Reality Workflow Industrial Use Cases

– Safety Test and Inspection
– Plant Maintenance and Repair
– Manufacturing and Assembly
Equipment Servicing and Repair

Augmented Reality and Workflow Automation

Augmented reality (AR) combined with workflow automation has the potential to revolutionize the ways of working of frontline workers. AR is quickly becoming the new norm across a wide range of industries. By leveraging augmented reality (AR) in manufacturing, overall worker productivity can be boosted by a whopping 30%, with operational efficiency rising to an even more impressive 40%.

Workflows today rely heavily on manual processes and labor, but by implementing an AR-based workflow solution, these processes can be optimized quickly and efficiently.

AR merges virtual insights with physical spaces. It has forever changed the way we interact with our digital content, from smart glasses to phone screens. With cutting-edge augmented reality, workers can collaborate together in real-time while accessing real-time data, thereby eliminating the need for complicated calculations and other tedious manual tasks.

As we move forward into a digital future, augmented reality combined with digital workflow will be essential for companies looking to stay competitive in their respective industries and maximize operational efficiency.


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