Improve safety with FAT FINGER

Improve safety with FAT FINGER

Make safety and preventive measures everyone’s responsibility

Trusted by companies all over the world

Find the safety workflow you need

FAT FINGER gets you results in safety

Achieve guaranteed compliance, data-driven decisions, and increased productivity with FAT FINGER


Fewer recorded incidents


Feel in more control of their operations


Reclaimed per procedure


Improved procedure adherence. More data means more actionable insights!


Poor safety inspection tools can lead to non-compliance with regulatory standards, resulting in fines and accidents damaging the company’s reputation.

Poor-decision making

Paperwork can often be confusing and overwhelming, particularly with a large volume of data to be analyzed, making it difficult to determine which is relevant and which is not.

Decrease in productivity, increase in turnover

Workers without reliable safety management tools make mistakes 60% more often, miss work 37% more frequently, and have 62% more accidents than those who have.

Advanced Analytics – What gets measured, gets managed

Every single piece of information captured by FAT FINGER users will feed your company analytics in real time. FAT FINGER provides you with valuable insights to help improve your workplace safety. With detailed dashboards, you can quickly identify areas of improvement and track your progress over time.

FAT FINGER - Advanced Analytics - What gets measured, gets managed

“We clearly see the value proposition such an application would bring to our business.”

Alvin Vink (Head of Health & Safety)

Intuitive digital workflow – Paperless and powerful

FAT FINGER is designed to streamline the data collection process. With our intuitive workflow, you can quickly customize your data collection with images and annotations to create workflows with No-Code directly where work is done. Automatically generate a professional report with one click and share them with anyone.

FAT FINGER - Intuitive digital workflow - Paperless and powerful

“I wish I had this for our project progress reports, it would save us so much time. It’s WAY easier than our current Take 5 paper flip books.”

Aurecon Engineer

Inspections for everyone – Anytime and anywhere

We empower EVERYONE to initiate and create positive change to improve the company’s safety records no matter where you are. The only way to keep up with the speed at which the world moves today is to empower everyone from the front-line worker to the executive.

FAT FINGER - Inspections for everyone - Anytime and anywhere

Transform your organization’s workplace safety in just a click

Data powerhouse – Keeping everything in one place

Data are stored in the cloud and available in real-time to everyone who needs it. All your up-to-date safety work instructions and training content are available across any device as employees perform the work.

FAT FINGER - Data powerhouse - Keeping everything in one place

Data security above all

FAT FINGER has a strong commitment towards privacy and security of our user’s data.

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