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With FAT FINGER, your Permits to Work will be digitized and integrated into our insights feature. This means that people out in the field will no longer have to waste time in handling paper-based forms, because they will have all the required forms within our app. Decision makers such as asset supervisors and safety managers will have access to real-time activity and insights to all work going on.

Digitizing such a time-consuming process will save you a lot of money in data entry and it will also improve safety reporting on worksites, making your process more compliant and your company more reliable.


There are so many up sides in adopting digital processes that all industries are currently shifting to this new technology one by one.

Even though digital processes are clearly the right way to do things, the transition towards full standardization will demand you to have access to a printing version of your digital processes. That’s why you can export all your data in PDF and XLS formats.


Decision support
Assist your team’s decision making by setting up warnings and operator alerts dependent on what data they collect and where they are in the process.

FAT FINGER and/if triggers can ask extra questions depending on the context and alert users to best practice behaviors reducing cost and risk.

FAT FINGER‘s dynamic template builder allows you to customize all your processes to fit your company’s needs not just Permit to Work. This could include maintenance requests, production rounds, asset inspections, JSA/JHA, Safety Observations, Contractor Reviews, etc. Digitizing all these workflows provides a lot more control of the situation though real-time updates and easy to read insights.

FAT FINGER will allow you to navigate your data throughout all the different hierarchical layers of information. You will have a clear overview and easily identify the source of every problem improving safety measures and saving you substantial time and money.

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