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Line Changeover

Line Changeover

Get the most out of your production by seamlessly transitioning between processes with our line changeover solution.

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Low throughput

Manual processes and repetitive tasks during line changover are time-consuming and often lead to errors which decrease throughput.

High costs

Operational processing costs can quickly add up when relying on manual entry that requires more manpower.

Limited visibility and control

Operations reliant on manual monitoring do not have access to centralized data making it hard to understand performance, compare KPIs, and benchmarking.

Take your team’s productivity and throughput to new heights

Digitize and automate your checklists, SOPs, and changover processes into a smart workflow in minutes. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag and drop digital procedures that drive operational excellence directly where work is done and generate a professional report with one click.

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Digitalize your processes means improving operational cost

Tasks such as manual reporting, workforce scheduling, and quality monitoring are now automated. Set up recurring tasks to ensure your team is on the same page in minutes – minimizing lost time while maximizing output.

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Greater visibility means smarter decision

Every single piece of information captured by FAT FINGER users will feed your company analytics in real time. With FAT FINGER, you can see critical production information in a live management dashboard and take action to make decisions that will increase your productivity.

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Line Changover and Its Importance in Manufacturing

Two factory engineer discussing

Line changeover or line clearance is the  process of verifying that all line changeover activities have been completed and that the line is ready to resume production.

The benefits of line clearance include reduced downtime, improved line efficiency, and increased product quality.

Shop floors are constantly changing; manufacturers must introduce new products, discontinue old ones, adjust production schedules, and more. With so many moving parts, line changeovers must be managed carefully to avoid disruptions in production. By verifying that all necessary line changeover activities have been completed, line clearance helps to ensure a smooth, efficient manufacturing process.

3 Steps Involved During Line Clearance Procedures

1. Clearing the line involves removing all products from the line and ensuring that no product remains in any of the line equipment. This step is essential to prevent cross-contamination of products.

2.Cleaning the line involves sanitizing all surfaces that will come into contact with the product. This step is essential to prevent bacteria from contaminating products. It also involves removing all product build-up and debris from the line.

 3.Inspection is conducted to ensure that the line is clear and clean and that all equipment is in good working order. All moving parts should be lubricated, and all electrical connections should be secure.

Factory worker on line assembly

After inspection, the line is restarted, and production can resume. Line clearance procedures are essential to ensure a safe and efficient manufacturing process. By following these steps, manufacturers can prevent contamination and ensure quality products.

We make your line changeover as smooth as possible

Implementing Digital Line Clearance Checklist

In modern manufacturing, line clearance is an essential part of quality control. By using a digital line clearance checklist, manufacturers can streamline the process and reduce the chances of human error.

A CXV Global survey of 30 pharmaceutical professionals found that 100% of respondents had experienced a line clearance error in the past year, and 96% said their current line clearance process takes more than 60 minutes.

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Do you spend way too much time double and triple-checking that you didn’t leave anything important off your checklist when clearing a production line?

Digital line clearance checklist

With FAT FINGER, all the necessary information is stored in one place, and anyone on the production line can quickly access it. Moreover, 

-Remarks, corrective actions, and photos collected during line clearance can be added to the workflow. 

-Generate reports on-site and send them to relevant stakeholders via email, PDF, or web link. This way, everyone can stay up-to-date on the latest information.

-Assign tasks and schedule your clearance line inspection directly from the app. This ensures everyone is on the same page and no one misses a beat.

Imagine if you could clear your production line with confidence, knowing that you had everything you needed right at your fingertips. With FAT FINGER, that’s now a reality. So why wait? Get started today!


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