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Be steps ahead on maintenance with FAT FINGER

Get a real time view of your critical assets and boost your asset reliability.

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Unplanned downtime

Emergency maintenance caused by sudden asset failures is costly and impacts production.

Procedures are not followed

Without adherence to workflows, team accountability is at risk while asset reliability is decreasing.

Bad asset data

Little to no tracking and reporting of real-time asset data and its condition leads equipment to the point of failure.

No gaps, no lags – stay on top with maintenance workflows

FAT FINGER provides easy-to-use workflows to help you manage your preventive maintenance program on the go. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag & drop digital procedure, control scheduling, and manage preventive maintenance tasks to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

“Gives people information right away, in real time. And provides transparency across the organisation.”

Laurie Campbell

With everyone in sync, no task is missed

Managing maintenance checklists through FAT FINGER ensures that important tasks have not been overlooked and procedures have properly been followed. With our workflows, you can manage and monitor your technicians’ and service providers’ work. Get a comprehensive view of all your assets, including repair history records, maintenance updates, SOPs and more.

FAT FINGER gets you results

Committed to building sustainable operational excellence platform – trusted by thousands of users across the globe.


Reduced costs


Feel more in control of their operations


Reclaimed per procedure


Improved quality of output. More data means more actionable insights!

Greater visibility means smarter decisions

Every single piece of information captured by FAT FINGER users will feed your company analytics in real time. With Fat Finger, you can see critical production information in a live management dashboard and take action to make decisions that will increase your profitability.

Do more of what matters most

Manage your operations effectively in just a click.

Customized maintenance workflows made just for you

We empower EVERYONE to initiate and create positive change to streamline your company’s asset reliability and maintenance program no matter where you are. Access your own asset details and take customized work requests from creation to completion using your mobile device so you can act fast when you needed.

Data security above all

FAT FINGER has a strong commitment towards privacy and security of our user’s data.