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Checklist, workflows & digital procedures that unlock operational excellence.

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Poor operational results

Poor production, quality, and safety result in missed opportunities.

Stagnating operational innovation

Inflexible systems, poor data and overwhelmed IT teams result in rigid and fragile operations.

Front-line employee problems

Unengaged workforce. Employee turnover & lost operational knowledge threaten your culture.

Optimize your front-line operations

Your blind spots are hurting you. Uncover where and how to drive improved results.

Digitize your front-line teams

The world’s easiest front-line digital SOP platform allows you to instantly provide up-to-date work instructions for your people to follow and capture critical data from any device.

Engage Your Workforce – No IT skills required

Easy means everyone can contribute to a culture of operational excellence. Create, update and use with a few simple clicks.

Uncover hidden opportunity

Real-time, actionable insights ensure you capture an opportunity waiting to be realized.

Transform your operations in minutes. Not years

Impressive and measurable financial, safety, and cultural improvements.

Ensure your front-line teams are doing their job correctly in seconds.

  • Drag & Drop Smart Procedures

    Easily create unlimited smart procedures to convert your existing paper checklists to digital forms with no code.

  • Offline Mobile Data Capture

    Complete inspections from any device, no internet connection required.

  • Workflow

    Steamline your processes by guiding users with smart logic and active alerts.

  • Artificial Intelligence Insights

    Generate valuable actionable insights from your data using AI.

  • Bar & QR code scanner

    Scan QR labels attached to your assets so your people have the correct job instructions.

  • Integrations

    Connect your existing systems to push and pull data in real-time.

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3 easy steps to operational excellence

Empower anyone in your workforce to continuously improve results. No IT skills required

  • Create Workflows
  • Execute
  • Identify areas to improve

FAT FINGER Is SOC 2 Certified

SOC 2 is the gold standard for data security and compliance, based on an independent audit conducted by an independent accounting firm. This achievement further validates FAT FINGER as a trusted and secure partner for its users and their data assets.

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