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Shift Handover

Shift Handover

Transform the way your frontline shift management works with a checklist that keeps your team moving. Make shift handovers a breeze with this reliable checklist at your fingertips.

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Low throughput

Manual processes and repetitive tasks are time-consuming and often lead to errors which decrease throughput.

High costs

Operational processing costs can quickly add up when relying on manual entry that requires more manpower.

Limited visibility and control

Operations reliant on manual monitoring do not have access to centralized data making it hard to understand performance, compare KPIs, and benchmarking.

Take your team’s productivity and throughput to new heights

Digitize and automate your checklists, SOPs, and handover processes into a smart workflow in minutes. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag and drop digital procedures that drive operational excellence directly where work is done and generate a professional report with one click.

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Digitalize your shift handover means improving operational cost

Tasks such as manual reporting, workforce scheduling, and shift handover data are now automated. Set up recurring tasks to ensure your team is on the same page in minutes – minimizing lost time while maximizing output.

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“Our production line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it can be difficult for workers to accurately communicate all the necessary information during shift changes. FAT FINGER revolutionizes our shift handover process with ease and reliability.”

Michael Jones, Production Manager

Greater visibility means smarter decision

Every single piece of information captured by FAT FINGER users will feed your company analytics in real time. With FAT FINGER, you can see critical shift handover information in a live management dashboard and take action to make decisions that will increase your productivity.

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Why are Shift Handovers Important?

Engineers in discussion between shifts

In many industries, shift handovers are a critical part of ensuring continuity of operations and preventing miscommunication that could lead to issues.

Every second incident or accident in the process industry can be related to communication errors during shift turnover. While less than 5% of an operation’s staff time is dedicated to start-up, shutdown, and changeover periods,  40% of plant incidents occur during this brief time.

Shift handovers in the oil and gas industry are essential for maintaining safety and production levels. In manufacturing, shift handovers are also crucial for quality control. If a problem arises during one shift, the next shift must be aware of the issue so that they can take steps to fix it. 

Elements of an Effective Shift Handover Checklist

1. Shift information: This should include details of the shift start and end times and the names of all personnel involved.
2. Shift activities: A summary of all activities carried out during the shift, including maintenance, production, and safety checks.
3. Findings and issues: Any findings or issues that arose during the shift, including any incidents or near-misses.
4. Actions taken and follow-up actions required:This should be clear and concise so that everyone understands what needs to be done.

Tip: Keep summaries short and on point. You don’t need whole sentences–be concise! Also, pictures are a great way to get your message across quickly and efficiently.

We make shift handover smooth so you can focus on what really matters

How FAT FINGER Delivers a Successful Shift Handover

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Many potential risks are associated with shift handovers, including human error, miscommunication, and forgetfulness. Unfortunately, traditional methods of shift handover, such as paper-based checklists, are often ineffective. Particularly for frontline managers who are often on the go, paperwork can get lost and be hard to access.

Many potential risks are associated with shift handovers, including human error, miscommunication, and forgetfulness. This is where digital communication platforms like FAT FINGER can help. By providing a centralized location for shift information, digital communication platforms make it easy for workers to access the data they need.

FAT FINGER can help to ensure that all relevant information is communicated between the outgoing and incoming shift workers through a Shift Handover Checklist. It can also provide a record of the shift handover that can be referenced in the future if there are any questions or concerns.

Shift Handover Cheklist

Additionally, FAT FINGER can be used to create and distribute shift handover checklists. Since not all handover checklists are the same, FAT FINGER’s customizable platform means that each organization can create a checklist that is tailored to their specific needs.

With FAT FINGER, you can deliver a successful shift transition. With less confusion and more communication, everyone will be collaborative, ultimately leading to a more productive work environment. 


Ensure front-line teams do their work correctly every time. Drag & drop digital procedures that unlock operational excellence.

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