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Keeping plant operations running smoothly demands an efficient shift handover process. Paper based forms and Excel spreadsheets are simply not enough to keep up with today’s demands in terms of safety, labor costs or auditable transparency. All outstanding issues must be captured during the handover, and supervisors need to be updated in real-time to make the right decisions to prevent downtime and incidents.

Shift Handover workflows are no longer a nice idea, they are a requirement in order to have the lowest cost, most reliable and safest operations.



Digitizing with FAT FINGER will save you money in data entry and it will also improve auditable compliance reporting for any type of worksite. Overall your process becomes more compliant and your operations more reliable.



Real-time dashboards and analytics gives the right person the data they need to highlight risks to be able to quickly understand where to focus improvement resources. Look into your data to see what safety-meeting topics are and are not being covered to ensure knowledge is being shared equally to everyone.


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