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Drag & drop digital procedures that drive operational excellence.

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SEE Forge Mobile Solutions SEE Forge Mobile Solutions

Build and deploy enterprise-grade mobile procedures in seconds

  • Drag & Drop Smart Procedures

    Easily create unlimited smart procedures to convert your existing paper checklists to digital forms with no code.

  • Offline Mobile Data Capture

    Complete inspections from any device, no internet connection required.

  • Workflow

    Steamline your processes by guiding users with smart logic and active alerts.

  • Artificial Intelligence Insights

    Generate valuable actionable insights from your data using AI.

  • 1 Click Reporting & Export

    Export professional PDF & Excel inspection reports to provide answers fast.

  • Integrations

    Connect your existing systems to push and pull data in real-time.

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FAT FINGER gets you results

FAT FINGER empowers teams to drive operational excellence, and gets you promoted.

  • 38%

    Fewer recorded incidents

  • 97%

    Feel in more control of their operations

  • 7.28hrs

    Reclaimed per procedure

  • 44%

    Improved procedure adherence. More data means more actionable insights!

Here's How We Help You Improve

Easy drag and drop builder empowers anyone to create digital procedures in seconds.

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No-Code Unleashes EVERYONE'S Potential

We empower EVERYONE to initiate and create positive change. "No-Code" not "Low-Code" means anyone can turn challenges into profits. The only way to keep up with the speed at which the world moves today is to empower everyone from the front-line worker to the executive.
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Create Apps In Seconds

Digitize your old paper-based processes and create interactive, rich-media mobile SOPs and automate any workflow.

87% of workers want technology to make their lives easier in the workplace.
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Execute Flawlessly, Every Time

Quickly create and assign workflows to your team and required approvers.

Clients see a 90%+ increase in procedural adherence with FAT FINGER.

Measure & Transform

Live Management Dashboards and job activity streams enable you to measure performance benchmarks.

Clients capture 100x workforce data points daily vs. how they previously operated.
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Learn & Grow On The Go

Rapidly learn how work really gets done by analyzing your shift, site and company-wide processes.

90% of Digital Transformation adopters said digital technologies helped them boost productivity which have signficantly impacted financial results.
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Digital Twin of your People & Assets

A real-time digital view into what exactly has being done, when, where, who and why.

  • What processes need improvement?
  • What person is most at risk?
  • What asset has the most downtime?

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Artificial Intelligence Coaching Your People As They Do Their Work

Real-time advice to operational personnel generated by Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to produce safer and optimized jobs.

Ai-Coach is like having an experienced team of experts look over your people’s shoulder 24/7 to ensure jobs are done safely & correctly every time.

Instant Messaging, Video Calls & Remote Support

Capture all knowledge & communications on any device

Corporate Broadcasts

  • Urgent safety alerts
  • Recorded video messages
  • Procedures & policy updates

Team Communication

  • Messaging - 1:1 & groups
  • Video calls for remote support
  • Screen-sharing collaboration

Communication Analytics

  • View patterns
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Correlate usage

Monitor, Analyze, Control & Track IoT Devices

Integrate device data with your human operational workflows

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Need some ideas to get started? Browse our free best practice app template library and get started in seconds.
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Used by the worlds top performing companies

From Oil & Gas, to field services and manufacturing, FAT FINGER drives results.

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