SEE Forge is so user friendly that it practically does the work for you! It is rare to find a program that has everything a user needs in an easy to use format. The walk through was very informative and simple to follow. I liked that I was speaking one on one with the Technical Support, he answered all my questions, explained in detail on how to use the program, and had me physically go through each step so that I would know how to use it on my own. There is no comparison to the level of customer services and quality of product.
Kat M. Edwards Land

I wish I had this for our project progress reports, it would save us so much time. It’s WAY easier than our current Take 5 paper flip books.
Aurecon Engineer

It’s easy to use. Love the fat finger technology
J. Hughes. HSE Advisor

We clearly see the value proposition such an application would bring to our business.
Alvin Vink (Head of Health & Safety)

Being able to capture information during an investigation, is BIG.
Sean Seager

Gives people information right away, in real time. And provides transparency across the organisation.
Laurie Campbell

Since I discovered SEE Forge I was impressed with the simplicity and accessibility of the app and knew it would work for any big or small business. Every employee of ours has a mobile phone so it was easy to incorporate an app on their phone so when they travel to rural sites or even at the main office/workshop they are able to conduct pre-shift Take 5’s or JHA’s. There is huge flexibility within the app and I look forward to Oleology utilizing this app more within a technology advancing world.
Saasha Callaghan

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