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Essentials of Quality Control Checklist

Maintaining a certain level of quality in the products or services offered in any industry is essential. This is especially true for companies that produce goods sent out to be sold to the public. One of the vital tools for quality control is a checklist. This article discusses what a quality control checklist is and […]

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Meet James McDonough, Founder and CEO of SEE Forge creators of FAT FINGER

James McDonough is a passionate entrepreneur with a tier-1 management consulting background focused in strategy and operational excellence. Follow him @jamesgmcdonough. Source: “Just because you don’t have a finance background doesn’t mean you can’t keep careful track of your company’s spending.” Who is your hero? (In business, life, or both.) Richard Branson. He has […]

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Microsoft Customer Case Study

Transforming paper-based workflows into the digital age to save millions in oil and gas industry Companies use SEE Forge to create digital workflows that replace traditional paper-based forms, for everything from safety inspections to production rounds. Anyone in the organization can create forms and workflows with the application’s drag-and-drop technology, helping reduce the burden on […]

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SEE Forge to Present at Siemens 2014 New Ventures Forum

San Francisco, October 29, 2014 – SEE Forge Inc., provider of the energy industry’s premier automation platform for collecting, visualizing and analyzing field-based processes via a FatFinger™ mobile app,  today announced the company is presenting their pitch at the Siemens New Ventures Forum in San Francisco at 1:30pm local time. Siemens New Ventures Forum is […]

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14 crucial areas where oil and gas software is disrupting

The oil and gas Industry as we know it today has in many ways been a disruptive part to the political, economic and social systems for the last 150 years. Since the first triggers motivated  to the search for hydrocarbon availability, the oil and gas industry have grown to shape the worlds socio-economic landscape as we […]

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5 ways mobile applications improve operations in the oil and gas industry.

Health, safety and environment (HSE) is a huge concern in the oil and gas industry. Safety fails in the industry might have fatal consequences, and during the last couple of years, there have been some devastating accidents in the oil and gas industry. These accidents have devastating outcomes both for the environment, the economy and […]