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Work Order Checklist

​Work Order Checklist

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Unplanned downtime

Relying on manual work order checklist can also be frustrating when something slips through the cracks and causes downtime

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Procedures are not followed

When manual work orders skip steps on the checklist, accountability is a concern which leads to costly problems down the road

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Manual data entry

Entering data manually for a work order checklist is incredibly tedious process, creates disruptions in your workflow, and might presents data integrity issues

Never miss a beat – stay on top of work orders

FAT FINGER provides easy-to-use workflows to help you manage your work orders on the go. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag & drop digital procedure, control scheduling, and manage preventive maintenance tasks to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

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With everyone in sync, no task is missed

With FAT FINGER’s work order checklists, you can be sure that no detail has been overlooked. Our easy-to follow workflows make it simple to keep tabs on technicians and service providers’ progress for all your assets – from repair history records and maintenance updates, to SOPs – you are always covered.

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Gain critical insights in your work order and boost reliability

With FAT FINGER, you can unlock the power of asset data to anticipate maintenance and plan accordingly – helping you stay one step ahead. Our open API makes it easy for anyone to connect our platform into any system – no coding required! Plus, collecting maintenance data has never been easier; get all the info you need with just a few clicks and make smarter decisions in no time.

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Change the way you work

Transition a world of reactive maintenance tasks into a centralized asset management platform.

Customized maintenance workflows made just for you

We empower EVERYONE to initiate and create positive change to streamline your company’s asset reliability and maintenance program no matter where you are. Access your own asset details and take customized work requests from creation to completion using your mobile device so you can fast when you needed.

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Types and Applications of Work Order

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Work Order for Maintenance

Work orders for maintenance are typically generated internally and assigned to maintenance personnel with the skills and expertise to complete the task.

Work Order for Repair

Work orders are typically used in a business or industrial setting and usually involve repairing something that is broken or needs replacement.

Work Order for Installation

Work orders for installing a new product usually include specific details about the location, product type, and other necessary information.

Work Order for Inspection

Work orders are generated for various reasons, but one common type is the inspection work order. As the name suggests, these work orders are generated to schedule an audit or inspection of an asset. This is usually done on a predetermined timeframe, similar to preventive maintenance work orders.

3 Simple Steps  to Create a Work Order

A well-crafted work order can help to ensure that all the necessary details are captured and that the job is completed on time and to the required standard. Here are a few critical steps to creating a perfect work order.

1. Identify the problem or task that needs to be completed.

By clearly identifying the problem or task that needs to be completed, work orders help to ensure that all employees are on the same page and working towards the same goal.

The work order checklist helps to standardize the process and ensure that all information is captured.

2. Assign the work order to the appropriate team or individual.

To do this, you will need to review the work order checklist and match the tasks to your team’s skills. For example, if the work order includes tasks such as painting and repairs, you will want to assign it to a team with experience with those specific tasks.  Work orders related to infrastructure should be transferred to the engineering team.


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3. Set a deadline for completion.

This will help to ensure that the job is given priority and that it is completed promptly. This deadline should be realistic and achievable, based on the complexity of the task and the availability of resources. By setting a completion deadline, managers can ensure that work orders are executed efficiently, and that services are delivered to stakeholders on time.

What to Include in a Work Order Checklist

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The following is a list of what should be included in a work order checklist: By including all of this information in a work order checklist, businesses can ensure that their work orders are clear and complete and that all parties know what is expected of them.

-Name and contact information of the group or individual placing the work order referenced by a work order number.
-Detailed description of the work to be carried out, including any special instructions.
-Date the work order was placed and the anticipated completion date for the work.
-Budget for the work.
-Authorizations or approval.

Manage your work orders efficiently

How can FAT FINGER Transform your Work Order Process?

A well-designed checklist like the FAT FINGER digital work order checklist can help ensure that all the necessary steps are completed correctly. This can be especially important when work orders are carried out by multiple team members, as it can help to avoid confusion and duplication of effort. 

Imagine if there was an app that could help you easily create digitized templates for your work orders and then let your clients confirm and authorize their orders with electronic signatures. No more printing out forms and wasting paper!

FAT FINGER is the perfect app for business owners like you who want to save time and resources. Experience the FAT FINGER way now.

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Ensure front-line teams do their work correctly every time. Drag & drop digital procedures that unlock operational excellence.

In seconds anyone can build and deploy enterprise-grade mobile applications using an easy drag-and-drop no-code builder.

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