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Vehicle Inspection

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Unplanned truck breakdown

Emergency maintenance caused by sudden truck breakdown is costly and impacts supply chain processes.

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Procedures are not followed

Missteps taken during a manual vehicle inspection can have serious consequences, from legal trouble to safety risks

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Bad asset data

Manual vehicle inspection using paper forms is a surefire way to create data inaccuracies in your asset inventory

Keep your wheels rolling with automated workflows

With FAT FINGER, keeping your vehicles running smoothly is as simple and smooth as the engine they run on. Our intuitive workflows make digital procedure maintenance a breeze — so you can drag & drop to manage scheduling and streamline necessary preventive tasks with ease! Never worry about peak performance again – keep it in full gear with FAT FINGER.

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Nobody’s ever left behind with vehicle inspection checklist

Managing maintenance checklists through FAT FINGER ensures that important tasks have not been overlooked and procedure have properly been followed. With our workflows, you can manage and monitor technicians and service providers’ work. Get a comprehensive view of all your assets, including repair history records, maintenance updates, SOPs and more.

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“From its intuitive design and ease of use, to its ability to save time and effort, this is an invaluable tool for any automotive business – something that every shop should consider investing in!”

Rolando Lopez, Operations Manager

Gear up today as you unlock valuable vehicle insights

Upgrade your asset management game! With FAT FINGER’s open API, you can customize integrations so that the right data for each vehicle is within reach – helping you stay ahead of maintenance needs. Fuel smarter decisions and elevate performance; collect exactly what matters most with a few clicks.

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Change the way you work

Transition a world of reactive maintenance tasks into a centralized asset management platform.

Customized maintenance workflows made just for you

We empower EVERYONE to initiate and create positive change to streamline your company’s asset reliability and maintenance program no matter where you are. Access your own asset details and take customized work requests from creation to completion using your mobile device so you can fast when you needed.

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FAT FINGER gets you results in maintenance

Committed to improving the way organizations manage their maintenance operations – trusted by thousand of users across the globe


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Improved overall equipment effectiveness. More data means more actionable insights!

5 Benefits of Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Mechanic checking the under parts of car
1.Ensuring that all necessary vehicle maintenance tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner

The Vehicle Inspection Checklist is a workflow tool that helps individuals keep track of the status of their car. It allows you to see what needs to be done in order to maintain your car and prevents you from overlooking any critical steps. 

2. Identifying areas that need improvement

Vehicle inspection checklists can also help to improve the efficiency of fleet operations by identifying opportunities for cost savings.

3. Meeting safety standards

By regularly inspecting a vehicle, potential safety issues can be identified and addressed before they cause an accident.  

4. Reducing the chances of costly vehicle breakdowns

Vehicle downtime is a costly and avoidable reality in the modern supply chain. By implementing and adhering to a Vehicle Inspection Checklist, you can help to drastically reduce the chances of a costly vehicle breakdown.

5. Instilling a safety mindset in vehicle operators

Vehicle operators are often so focused on their daily tasks and meeting deadlines that they can forget about safety.

FAT FINGER offers a customizable solution that can meet the needs of any business. We provide rich media content that helps businesses capture knowledge as they perform work, making it easy for them to follow instructions any device. With our valuable insights, businesses can pinpoint where they need improvement and focus on achieving full operational excellence.

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7 Common Items Included on a Vehicle Inspection Checklist

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Your inspection checklist will depend upon what type and when you’re performing them. But there may be some common obvious issues with equipment that could affect one’s driving.


Check the tread depth. The tread should be at least 4/32 of an inch deep. 
Make sure the air pressure in all four tires is correct. 75-80 psi for a trailer truck and 32-35 psi for a passenger car.

2. Brakes

-Brake fluid level: Check the level of brake fluid in the reservoir and top up if necessary.
-Brake lines: Check the brake lines for leaks or damage. If they are damaged, they will need to be replaced.

3. Lights

When inspection lights, there are a few key elements to check. First, check the light bulbs to ensure that they are all working properly. Next, check the wiring and connections to make sure that there is no damage or fraying.

4. Horn

The warning device should be audible from a distance of at least 200 feet under normal conditions. 

5. Mirrors

The location of the mirrors will vary depending on the type of vehicle you are inspecting, but they should be positioned so that you have a clear view of the road behind you.

6. Engine

The engine is the heart of any vehicle, so it’s important to keep it in good working order.
– Check the oil level and quality. Fresh oil is vital for keeping the engine clean and lubricated.
– Check the coolant level and condition. Coolant helps to keep the engine operating at a consistent temperature.

7. Fuel level

A low fuel level can lead to engine knock and decreased power, while a high fuel level can cause the engine to run lean and produce less power. The fuel level should therefore be checked regularly to ensure that it is at the correct level.

FAT FINGER’s mobile and digital checklist app make completing vehicle checklists quick and easy while reducing the risk of overlooking something important. With our insights feature, you can pinpoint where your next area of focus needs to be in order to improve safety in your fleet.

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Keep your supply chain running smoothly

 How to Use a Vehicle Inspection Checklist?

Mobile view of vehicle checlist

Using a vehicle inspection checklist is a simple but effective way to help ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Digital vehicle checklist window

The FAT FINGER mobile app offers a digital solution to this problem. The app allows users to create a custom Vehicle Inspection Checklist that can be accessed on their mobile phone or tablet. The app automatically saves all completed inspection reports, making it easy to track progress over time.

Do you feel like you’re always playing catch-up when it comes to safety in your fleet?

FAT FINGER makes it easy to complete a vehicle safety checklist regularly, so you can identify any potential problems that need to be fixed. Download FAT FINGER today and start ensuring the safety of your vehicles!


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