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Importance of Quality Control For Workplace Safety Management in Manufacturing

This post takes an in-depth look into the role quality control plays in safety management in manufacturing. It also introduces FAT FINGER as a solution for workplace safety implementation. The relationship between quality control and workplace safety management may seem tenuous. This is because Quality Control is primarily understood in the context of end-product quality. […]

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Quality Near Miss: Enhancing Safety and Performance in Critical Industries

A quality near miss refers to a situation in which an unplanned event or circumstance occurs that could have resulted in a significant quality defect, safety incident, or operational disruption but was fortunately averted before any harm occurred. This article delves into the intricacies of quality near misses, their significance, and how they enhance safety […]

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Ensuring Workplace Safety: The Crucial Role of Quality Control in Manufacturing

In the intricate landscape of modern manufacturing, where precision and efficiency reign supreme, one aspect stands as a formidable guardian of both productivity and employee well-being: quality control. This powerful tool not only guarantees the excellence of products but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining a safe working environment. For professionals and decision-makers responsible […]

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Quality Control for Enhanced Workplace Safety in Manufacturing

Quality control and workplace safety intersect in the manufacturing ecosystem, forming a foundation of operational excellence — where the pursuit of product perfection converges with the commitment to safeguarding human lives. But did you know that in 2021 there were 137,000 work-related injuries in the manufacturing industry alone? And that 383 people lost their lives […]

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Quality Control

Trusted by companies all over the world Before FAT FINGER Low throughput Without quality management software in their corner, industries are playing a high-stakes game of chance. Low throughput equals low profit. Customer Dissatisfaction Poor quality products contribute to customer mistrust, tarnished brand images and reduced customer loyalty. Limited visibility and control Without this tool […]

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Improves Process Efficiency through Visual Work Instruction

Visual work instructions are a powerful way to communicate standard work practices. Their clear and concise visuals make it easy for users to understand what they need to do and how the final product should look. Visual work instructions templates can be used in many different settings, such as quality management, machine operation, etc. Table […]

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Efficient Line Changeover Through Line Clearance Checklist

Line clearance is a vital manufacturing procedure that allows operators to prepare for the following process and prevents them from accidentally mislabeling or mixing up completed products. A line clearance checklist can help ensure that all areas are free of products, materials, and documents from a previous process. Table of Contents:1. Line Clearance and Its […]

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Safety Inspection Checklist

Wastewater treatment plants play a vital role in keeping our waterways clean, and ESG ensures that these plants operate up to standards. Utilizing a wastewater treatment plant safety inspection checklist helps ensure that water is adequately treated before it is released into the environment. Table of Contents:1. What is a Wastewater Treatment Plant?2. The Role […]

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Calibration Checklist : Effective Tool for Calibration Monitoring

A calibration management system is essential to ensure that calibrations meet requirements for accuracy, precision, and linearity.  An effective calibration checklist outlines the key requirements for proper calibration monitoring in production systems. Table of Contents: 1. What is Calibration and Its Importance2. 5 Types Of Calibration and Its Method3. Engineering Tolerances: Accuracy, Precision, and Uncertainty4. […]

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Material Inspection Checklist

Material inspection is an integral part of quality assurance in the manufacturing process. By verifying that the raw materials meet the required standards, potential quality issues can be identified and resolved before they cause problems in production. This article helps to ensure that the products produced by the manufacturing facility meet the customer’s expectations for […]