Maintenance solutions

Preventive Maintenance for Equipment Reliability

Preventive maintenance, often referred to as “proactive maintenance,” is an indispensable facet of maintaining the efficiency and durability of equipment. This practice involves scheduled inspections, routine maintenance tasks, and a commitment to preserving the optimal functionality of equipment. In this comprehensive article, we will delve deeper into the world of preventive maintenance, exploring the critical […]

Incident Reporting

Why You Should Use Software to Streamline Incident Reporting

In a world driven by data and efficiency, having the right tools and software to streamline incident reporting can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll explore the challenges organizations face with manual reporting systems and present the benefits of digitizing safety management in your organization with FAT FINGER.  Challenges in Traditional Incident Reporting […]

Manufacturing Quality Control

Quality Control for Enhanced Workplace Safety in Manufacturing

Quality control and workplace safety intersect in the manufacturing ecosystem, forming a foundation of operational excellence — where the pursuit of product perfection converges with the commitment to safeguarding human lives. But did you know that in 2021 there were 137,000 work-related injuries in the manufacturing industry alone? And that 383 people lost their lives […]

Human Resources Process Improvement Processes

How to Use Root Cause Analysis to Get to the Root of Your Problems

What if you could prevent accidents before they happen? Root cause analysis lets you get to the heart of your problems and let you lower the likelihood that they will happen again (or prevent them entirely). It’s a massive boon in the arsenal of anyone who wants to make sure that the mistakes of the past don’t keep repeating themselves.

Audits Human Resources Management Processes Risk

ISO 31000 Crash Course: An Introduction to Risk Management

Without a robust risk management system like that laid out by ISO 31000 standards, you’ll also be yet another figure suffering from critical risk events.

Process Improvement Processes Quality Control

Business Process Management Software: Understanding BPM and How to Get Started in 5 Steps

Poorly managed processes have caused disastrous and costly errors. For instance, a measurement mix-up between metric and imperial units by NASA caused the disintegration of one of their satellites. This cost the air and space agency $125 million in damages. Business process management (BPM) is the management and control of business operations to prevent costly […]

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Safety Audit: How to Prevent Workplace Injuries (Free Template!)

In the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)‘s report titled “Health and safety at work: Summary statistics for Great Britain 2019”, 581,000 non-fatal injuries were logged. 138,000 of these were severe enough to put workers out of action for 7 days or more, and 147 workers died. Those figures are only rough estimates though, as almost […]

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Process Design: What It Is, Why You Need It, & How To Get It Right

Flat-pack furniture instructions. Do you follow them to a ‘T’ or leave them in the box?  Although it takes me twice as long, I never have the right tools at hand, and I always have to re-build parts – I rarely follow instructions when building my flat-pack wardrobes, chairs, and tables.  Why?  Because they can […]

Processes Productivity

Time = Money. How to Save Both with Workflow Analysis

Wasted time. How much time do you spend sitting in traffic? Attending unnecessary meetings? Searching for lost documents? Or using outdated, slow, and difficult systems?  There is nothing worse or more harmful than wasted time. Companies lose 20-30% of revenue each year due to inefficiencies like these. “More than a third of a worker’s day […]