Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Training for Workers in High-Risk Industries

Industries such as energy, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, and engineering often involve potentially hazardous operations and environments, making it essential to implement effective risk assessment training programs. This comprehensive guide explores the importance of risk assessment training for workers in these industries and provides insights into key components and best practices. We will also […]

Risk Assessment

Job Hazard Analysis Risk Matrix

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Risk Matrix is a valuable tool used in high-risk industries such as manufacturing, energy, mining, and the oil and gas industry to systematically assess and mitigate workplace hazards. These industries are particularly susceptible to various risks, including physical, chemical, ergonomic, and environmental hazards. Here’s an elaboration on how a JHA […]

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Quality Near Miss: Enhancing Safety and Performance in Critical Industries

A quality near miss refers to a situation in which an unplanned event or circumstance occurs that could have resulted in a significant quality defect, safety incident, or operational disruption but was fortunately averted before any harm occurred. This article delves into the intricacies of quality near misses, their significance, and how they enhance safety […]

Incident Reporting

How to Improve Near-Miss Reporting for Enhanced Workplace Safety

Near-miss reporting is a potent tool at your disposal, capable of driving proactive hazard identification and risk mitigation, ultimately elevating your entire enterprise.  This article explores the strategic significance of near-miss reporting and offers actionable insights from industry research and authorities. While near misses potentially threaten workplace safety and profit, their occurrence often remains concealed.  […]

Manufacturing Quality Control

Quality Control for Enhanced Workplace Safety in Manufacturing

Quality control and workplace safety intersect in the manufacturing ecosystem, forming a foundation of operational excellence — where the pursuit of product perfection converges with the commitment to safeguarding human lives. But did you know that in 2021 there were 137,000 work-related injuries in the manufacturing industry alone? And that 383 people lost their lives […]

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Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a critical part of any business operation. Not only do vehicles need to be in good working order to transport goods and personnel, but they also need to meet safety standards. That’s why a vehicle inspection checklist is necessary. Fleet inspection is an important part of the supply chain […]

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ISO 31000 Crash Course: An Introduction to Risk Management

Without a robust risk management system like that laid out by ISO 31000 standards, you’ll also be yet another figure suffering from critical risk events.

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Total Guide To Conducting An Effective Job Safety Analysis (Free Template)

A job safety analysis (JSA) is a procedure that helps integrate health and safety practices into a particular job operation or task. The ultimate goal of a job safety analysis (sometimes referred to as job hazard analysis), is to recognize potential risks and/or hazards in each stage of a task that workers must complete. Supervisors […]

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How to Keep Your Staff Safe with a Job Hazard Analysis (Free Template!)

“No matter where you work or what you do for a living, there is a chance that you will get injured on the job.” Work Injury Source, Workplace Injury Statistics In 1894, a solicitor slipped on a turnip at work, fell, and sued his employers for the equivalent of $2,000.  A true story that’s still […]

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Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality (HSEQ) Framework

When speaking of workplace safety management, the Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality (HSEQ) framework often comes up. Industries such as mining, oil and energy, engineering, and manufacturing are quite often associated with injury statistics such as the following: But how can you prevent these workplace hazards and promote a safety culture? To prevent incidents such […]