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Identify Inefficiencies, Cut Costs and Improve Transparency Using a Workflow Diagram

Don’t lose money due to poorly managed business workflows. Read this post to learn about the humble workflow diagram today!

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Process Design: What It Is, Why You Need It, & How To Get It Right

Flat-pack furniture instructions. Do you follow them to a ‘T’ or leave them in the box?  Although it takes me twice as long, I never have the right tools at hand, and I always have to re-build parts – I rarely follow instructions when building my flat-pack wardrobes, chairs, and tables.  Why?  Because they can […]

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Time = Money. How to Save Both with Workflow Analysis

Wasted time. How much time do you spend sitting in traffic? Attending unnecessary meetings? Searching for lost documents? Or using outdated, slow, and difficult systems?  There is nothing worse or more harmful than wasted time. Companies lose 20-30% of revenue each year due to inefficiencies like these. “More than a third of a worker’s day […]