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4 Essential Elements of a Shift Handover Checklist

In a manufacturing facility, shift handovers dictate how a business can operate non-stop.  Any difference in their workflow will deter the facility from operational excellence.  A comprehensive shift handover checklist is an essential tool to facilitate effective communication and risk management between shifts.  Fortunately, FAT FINGER offers a no-code platform to create the shift handover […]

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Trusted by companies all over the world Before FAT FINGER Low productivity Critical information and instructions are often transposed incorrectly or forgotten between shifts – leading to misunderstandings, mistakes and a decrease in productivity. High operational costs Important information is often missed and tasks are left undone or not done correctly during handovers – leading […]

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Shift Handover Checklist: A Reliable Tool for Effective Shift Handover

A shift handover report is vital to ensure continuity of work, avoid errors and create an overall effective workplace. A shift handover checklist is the best solution for frontline shift management who wants shift handover information at their fingertips. Table of Contents:1. What is a Shift Handover Report? 2.Why Are Shift Handovers Important?3.Elements of an […]