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5 Best Practices for Near Miss Reporting

Unfortunately, accidents can happen in any workplace. However, by implementing a near-miss reporting system, you can significantly reduce the number of accidents and incidents on the job. Near-miss reporting is a process that allows workers to report incidents that did not result in harm or injuries but could have. This procedure enables safety professionals and […]

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Near Miss Reporting Management

Trusted by companies all over the world Before FAT FINGER High unforeseen incidents Poor safety inspection tools can lead to missed opportunities for detecting incidents, resulting in potentially hazardous conditions going unnoticed and uncorrected. Reactive decision making Team may be too busy dealing with the present situation to think about what can be done in […]

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Near Miss Reporting Management in the Industrial Sector

Every day, workers in industrial sectors face near-miss hazards that could lead to serious accidents. However, many of these close calls go unreported. This is due in part to the fact that employees often do not know how to report near misses properly, or are afraid of being penalized for doing so. This blog is […]