Intrinsically safe

Top 5 reasons why you need intrinsically safe cases for your iPhone and iPad.

1. Ability to work in contained and high explosive areas Intrinsically safe devices for iPhones and iPads are a revolutionary safety product that provides the protection and reduction of devices that have highly electrical energy that is hazardous to the atmosphere in which it is contained, especially within industrial zones. The mobile enterprise solutions will […]


Top 3 in oZAPP Awards 2012

Perth based, SEE Forge Mobile Solutions has just been announced in the Top 3 for the oZAPP Awards 2012. This prestigious mobile application award program is sponsored by Curtin University, Bankwest, Qualcomm Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. Perth-based entrepreneurs James McDonough and Chris Bjorklund founded that current paper paper-based systems used in the work place […]

Enterprise mobile strategy

Why Enterprise mobility is not an IT question

Enterprise mobility is not up to the IT department. It’s a business decision. Working with key stakeholders from various departments will yield greatly improved results. One practical exercise that you can do as part of this effort is to make sure that you have a holistic understanding of the business requirements to create mobility use cases. […]

awards Enterprise mobile strategy

Perth Company attracting global interest as it eliminates paper reporting

Perth based company SEE Forge Mobile Solutions is receiving world-wide interest in their mobile application that eliminates paper reporting, whilst increasing safety and efficiency in the workplace. Their success has been recognised with SEE Forge Mobile Solutions just announced as one of the Top 5 Applications in Australia for the oZAPP Award 2012/13. Most paper-based […]