Clearon’s Safety Success With FAT FINGER Digital Procedures

“Last time I was this excited about anything was the first time I saw a spreadsheet on a PC in the mid 80’s” – James Whitley, Maintenance Mechanical Engineer.

Our Partnership

FAT FINGER has partnered with Clearon Corp to help them streamline and standardize their work processes digitally. Clearon is a premier world-class manufacturer and distributor of water treatment chemicals located in South Charleston, WV. Their products—isocyanurates, more specifically, Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (CDB 90®) and Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (CDB 56®)—are used in swimming pools and spas as well as cleaners and sanitizers for both residential and industrial markets.

What We Provided – Digital Standardization

Clearon needed a way to standardize their work processes for inspections in their maintenance department. That’s where FAT FINGER came into play. FAT FINGER’s digital procedure software allowed Clearon to eliminate the Safe Work Permit forms used during repetitive inspections by their Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) team and helped them to streamline their work processes overall.

Why Clearon Chose FAT FINGER – Operational Excellence, Ease, & Speed

Clearon chose FAT FINGER because of its powerful and simplistic user-friendly interface. The leadership at Clearon was happily surprised when they found out they could take a paper inspection form and easily create it in FAT FINGER using their Drag-and-Drop elements in just minutes! Another benefit for Clearon was the new ability to take photos out in the field and email them to other team members or escalate findings by creating tasks all straight from the FAT FINGER app. This digital procedure software helps Clearon  achieve better documentation and reporting of what is happening around their facilities in real time.

In partnering with FAT FINGER, Clearon has already eliminated over 4,000 safe work permits a year—just scratching the surface of what is possible and is to come. As Clearon technicians use FAT FINGER, they can provide feedback on ways the company can improve their current inspection forms and routes using the digital operations software.

Looking Forward

In the future, Clearon plans to incorporate FAT FINGER plant-wide into its digital ecosystem. Currently, Clearon is working on implementing FAT FINGER into the rest of the maintenance department, the production department, HSE department, and tablet and packaging department. Clearon is excited about all of the ways that FAT FINGER can empower their teams to achieve operational excellence and standardize their work processes.

About Us

FAT FINGER creates procedures, checklists and workflows in seconds. We provide easy to use drag & drop digital procedures that drive operational excellence. More information can be found at