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Take your field tickets mobile


Are you interested in taking your field tickets mobile?  Want to shorten the days sales outstanding? Get paid faster?

SEE Forge’s mobile field ticket solution provides a comprehensive management solution for mobile field operators. Companies within the environment, industrial and oil and gas industries can use it to shorten the days sales outstanding. Basically – get paid faster!

The take your field tickets mobile appThe field ticket app can be used in organization and management of equipment, contracts, labor, field ticketing activities, price booking, job related activities and quotes. The mobile app can also be used to enhance customer care services by managing inspections, safety issues that arise as well as all other data operations.

You ca reap numerous of other benefits with taking your field tickets mobile, such as capturing revenues, reduction of labor, contract compliance, improving business processes, enhancing invoicing accuracy and increasing cash flow among other things.

Increase cash flow

The Sales outstanding amounts that accrue on a daily basis can cause problems for many companies within the service industry. The problem can be attributed to the manual based clerical operations that are usually in use within the industry. What the mobile app does is to enhance the efficiency of all processes. This in turn improves the rate of field data collection by cutting down the time taken for its completion. As the accounting and the field operations become more streamlined, your Days Sales Outstanding will reduce, which in turn enhances cash flow.

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

Manual systems and paperwork create high Days Sales Outstanding amounts due to slow and unnecessary clerical processes involved in handling paperwork or manual systems. Paperwork or manual handling of documents can increase the chances of error and can consume valuable time.

Enhance invoice accuracy

Using the Take your Field Tickets app, the accounting, field personnel and operations sectors of relevant companies can enhance invoice accuracy. Invoicing will become more efficient as details such as labor rates, price books, materials, equipment, and work documentation are consolidated within one system. It will be much easier to cut down on job quote mistakes as well as invoicing inaccuracies as a result. Duplication of job announcements or equipment in use will not be a problem anymore.

Enhancement of Remote work efficiency

Field work is not only taxing, but it also requires crews to work in remote areas without internet-based conveniences without losing the relevant connections. Since the field, ticket mobile app works offline as well as online, jobs can be performed, ticket changes made, documents and photos can be attached and site data can be recorded regardless of the location. When one of the crew returns to an internet enabled area from the field, he can synchronize the mobile app with a computer and get everything updated. That information can then be used for invoicing.

Personalized alerts to keep everyone updated

The Take your Field Tickets Mobile app has an inbuilt alert system. This system will come in handy for users who need to send sms or email messages across the workflow chain. Every aspect of the alerts can be personalized including the reasons, the time, and the recipient.

So, how does the alert system work?

  • Notifications can be sent to the field crew, accounting department, sales, and operations departments.
  • Various issues like changes in job and ticket status including those that are aging can trigger events.
  • Alerts can be issued in multiple forms. These include weekly or daily emails as well as sms messages.
  • Alerts can be filtered based on crew, business segments, and customer or even by office.
  • Various modules of the mobile app can use the alert system.

Summary of mobile field ticket apps

The advantages of field ticket apps cannot be underestimated. If you shorten the days sales outstanding you get paid faster!

To start you off, you can enjoy the trial version of SEE Forge’s field tickets mobile app.

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