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How to Reduce the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)


We help companies get paid faster by shortening the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

SEE Forge's electronic field ticket appsIncrease Cash Flow
SEE Forge closes the gap between the field and office by eliminating the time spent on manual reporting and processing. It removes the mountain of paperwork which leads to faster resolution, lowering the overall risk and as a result, increases productivity across all operations.

Invoice Accuracy
A host to all accounting needs, SEE Forge includes fully customizable time sheets, audits, inspections, as well as equipment lists and job instructions. With a single consolidated solution, the risk for providing inaccurate job quotes is greatly reduced, as is the possibility of creating duplicate jobs or sending unavailable material.

Revenue Capture
Real time reporting is available to capture revenue and offers powerful insights at a single glance. The dashboard gathers all records and transforms the information into useful graphs that fully illustrate the situation at hand. Use the historical data to save time and instantly create next year’s forecast.

Labor Reduction
When a potential safety hazards has been spotted, time spent searching for the correct paperwork does not always result in immediate action. The records can be messy, or may have incomplete entries that fail to illustrate the full scope of a problem. And time is lost by submitting a report to a decision maker, who assesses the issue before digitizing the information so that appropriate action to be taken. This time delay is fully eliminated by SEE Forge, which offers integrated solutions that efficiently transfers information between the field and office.

Contract Compliance
Up to date templates, enable everyone to stay fully compliant. These can be immediately downloaded and customized to report maintenance problems, quality issues and potential hazards to the organization. Reporting does not require an internet connection and the problems can be assessed straight away. With a two-way communication, the solution can be shared instantly across all departments and with the team in the field.

Reduce the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Business Process Improvement
SEE Forge enables departments to see real time data on a single platform. The change from paper based files to full digital access, streamlines all business procedures and reduces the time frame for any action to be taken. With online hosting and sharing of data, the problem associated with paperwork is taken right out of the equation.

Reduce the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Companies in heavy industries suffer from time lost in manual processes and outdated procedures. With SEE Forge, the need for paperwork documentation is fully eliminated. With increased efficiency, the previously high DSO is immediately improved as it takes less time to capture, communicate and act upon the information.

Streamline the Job-to-Invoice Process
With a complete mobile field solution, all the information can be stored and managed in one place. This makes it easy for all the departments involved to work together on a project, without having to worry about missing a single component. All the information can be accessed and filtered accordingly, so that a full overview is kept, allowing the job-to-invoice process to be completely streamlined.

Customizable Alerts Ensure that Everyone is Kept Up to Date
Adding team members to projects allows everyone involved to be informed of changes as they happen and when they happen. With fully customizable alerts, users can filter departments and tasks at hand, and create future alerts that continue to be triggered throughout the workflow process.

Increase Efficiency With the Ability to Work in Remote Locations
Even in remote locations, the communication between field and office staff can continue when no internet access is available. This continuous feed of information, achieves a seamless workflow and improves task efficiency across all departments in the organization.

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