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How to increase profits when oil prices are down


field ticket appsThe current economic situation with regards to oil may be a little worrying to the companies that deal with it. Oil prices have gone low and current predictions point towards these prices dropping even further. Already, some oil companies face real challenges with their field tickets and competency issues. There are many problems that can occur on the field and here are some that you may recognize:

1. Communication – Efficiency of communication may be a big problem especially when it comes to the mountains of paperwork involved. Field tickets may end up getting lost as well. Any problems in the field may not be reported quickly causing major losses to the company. It is difficult to deal with these things and it is frustrating.

2. Data – Another problem is predicting data for oil prices. Sometimes, knowing what is ahead helps you prepare for the oncoming problem. If you do not have reliable data with regards to your company’s progress or a reliable prediction of trends, things tend to get worse for your company; in short, flying blind means you hit all the bumps full speed.

3. Payments – Speed up your payments. If your field tickets are lost or slow to be processed your profits suffer.

4. Behind the Times – When your information is outdated or your way of doing things seems ancient, you don’t win any points with potential investors and business partners. You need to be ahead of the game if you are going to offer any competition especially in these tough times.

If you have nodded to any of these complaints then it may be time for a change. Things may be hard now but you can still give your competitors a run for their money by upgrading your work functionality and efficiency. You can do this best by using SEE Forge.

 How to increase profits when oil prices are down

Oilfield service worker using SEE Forge to process a Field Ticket
Oilfield service worker using SEE Forge to process a Field Ticket

Accountability to “do more with less” – Your field tickets and therefore your hard-earned revenues don’t have to get lost somewhere in oblivion. SEE Forge consolidates everything for you and all the information can therefore be easily accessed. For example we helped one of our clients raise their profits by $1.8 million annually.

Easy communication – Once your officers are on the field, they can easily report any problems in real time. They can take photos of the problem and alerts can be handled much faster and more efficiently.

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding – No longer do you have to wait for the company man to arrive at the company and sign off for you to get your payments. From wherever he is, as long as he has the app, he can sign off and get you your payments without a lot of hassle.

Tracking your operations – Track your operational results using real time information. You can have it all at your fingertips with the push of a button. You don’t have to fly blind anymore and you can make informed decisions with regards to your company’s direction.

Credibility to win more work – With all these improvements to your work efficiency, it is small wonder that you will get more work since more people and companies are willing to trust you and your work.

SEE Forge FatFinger field automation app will streamline your company’s operations to increase profits. SEE Forge will not replace your work functionality but enhance it for better profits and more satisfactory and efficient benefits.

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