electronic field tickets

Electronic Field Ticket Solution


Companies around the globe have switched from paperwork to electronic field tickets. Electronic field tickets free the company from problems associated with completing, organizing and filing paperwork. With electronic field tickets, all the information is stored on a tablet, Smartphone or PC to help the decision makers connect with workers on the ground.

Decreased Days Sales Outstanding

Manual systems and paperwork create high Days Sales Outstanding amounts due to slow and unnecessary clerical processes involved in handling paperwork or manual systems. Paperwork or manual handling of documents can increase the chances of error and can consume valuable time. If errors occur, the overall records, billing and inventory levels of both firms can be adversely affected. By using the SEE Forge centralized cloud-based and mobile app system, companies can streamline accounting and daily field operations to significantly decrease their Days Sales Outstanding. In short, get paid faster!

Streamlines the Job-to-Invoice Process

Decision makers and accounting personnel in the office and operations/field personnel on the ground use SEE Forge to create an efficient and streamlined job-to-invoice process. The platform enhances record keeping and reduces errors in invoicing and job quotes. Additionally, it prevents dispatching of duplicate labor or unavailable equipment.

Enhances Efficiency even in Remote Locations

In most cases, field workers operate in remote areas which don’t have reliable internet connection yet they need to communicate with the office. SEE Forge does not require internet connection thus it allows the field crew to perform their tasks, alter the tickets accordingly, record any necessary field data and attach documents or photos. When the field workers return to an area with reliable internet connection, they can sync their Smartphone, tablet or computer to avail the information for invoicing.

Customizable Alerts to Ensure Everyone is Updated

An alert system is integrated into the SEE Forge platform to allow users create text or email alert notifications. These alerts can be customized according to time, user or purpose. The alert system is able to filter notifications according to crew, client, office and business segment. This system can be used to notify personnel (accounting, sales, field or operations) of any new developments. The alert system in SEE Forge improves customer service, cuts unnecessary fuel cost and strengthens communication among the firm’s personnel. This feature also makes sure clients and personnel are updated at all times.

Your firm can strengthen communication and collaboration by using SEE Forge platform to connect with workers in the office and field. Other than improving your business operations, it can also increase cash flow, improve invoice accuracy, promote contract compliance and reduce labor.

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