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Oil and gas mobile applications is revolutionizing the industry.


oil and gas mobile applicationsThe 28th to 30th of April many of the big players in the oil and gas industry are meeting in Houston to talk, discuss and learn more about enterprise mobile solutions at the oil and gas mobility summit. Oil and gas mobile applications has proven to improve communication and collaboration throughout an organization. We are standing in front of a paradigm shift in the oil and gas industry as only 1/3 of the top 50 oil and gas companies currently use apps. The companies that does not implement a mobile strategy fast will be the losing ones.

It is predicted that by 2015 $168 billon will be spent on enterprise mobile applications and $8 billion of these will be spent on oil and gas mobile applications. SEE Forge takes all the critical processes that your accounting, sales and HR systems don’t cover, and put it into the same streamlined system. Dealing with paperwork and spreadsheets takes a lot of time and vital data and information is lost in the time consuming process. In a survey conducted by Oil and Gas IQ, 55 % of the asked CIOs believe a mobile strategy will greatly enhance operations.

Stop wasting time on the unprofessional, unsecure, inefficient, and costly process that the time-consuming bad data-flowing paper mill causes. Start using a professional, secure, efficient process that follows the real-time streamlined-information platform that mobile applications like SEE Forge offers instead.

 Speed up your processes and automate data-flow with oil and gas mobile applications to increase profits

“For years, stacks of paper have clogged the arteries of the oil and gas industry.”

This vast amount of critical business information has resulted in an information bottleneck in the back office that can cause strained collaboration between operations, regional suppliers, remote business partners and owners, and force companies to compromise relationships and make critical cash management decisions based on data 30, 90 or even 120 days old”. Says president and CEO of e-payable Oil and Gas Company.

oil and gas mobile applicationsSEE Forge offers a Cloud based Command Center. Unlike cloud storage it isn’t just saved in the cloud in an unorganized and unstructured manner. It is processed by something called Cloud Automation. This is a feature is making it available to collect the data all the way from field worker to CEO in a streamlined and structured manner with just a few simple clicks. The whole infrastructure is based around the data being reported, getting transformed into valuable data the executives are being exposed to as soon as it is submitted. This makes the entire ecosystem around critical processes like safety audits, time sheets, inspections, quality controls, facility management handled in a much more fashionable way. You no longer have to manually deal with paper or spreadsheets. This cuts costs both on-field and in operations as the cycle-time the old and outdated paper mill offer is basically eliminated.

With the data-flow on all levels being automated, delays and inefficiencies across the company will greatly decrease. With SEE Forge’s digital platform, communication and collaboration cross-company will run much smoother, making the time to process files and actions in the system in a much more sufficient way. This information the executives get as the data being processed through SEE Forge is more accurate and precise compared to what the conventional method offers, because it’s being delivered in real-time.

SEE Forge is also a user friendly oil field mobile application, making the people who are not tech savvy in the organization using the app “right out of the box”. It can be used as a desktop, phone or tablet. There is no point of integrating a new system if the users aren’t able to use the product. The app can also be customized based on what business needs your company has. The app is also existing-system ecofriendly meaning that it’s easy to incorporate with the software you already have. SEE Forge is the last piece in your puzzle of gathering all of your business processes into one information system.