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Win the competition of recruitment in the oil and gas industry


recruitment in the oil and gas industryThe oil and gas industry in the US is a highly competitive business. If you are going to ensure that your company come off on top you have to make sure you are recruiting the very best people. Simplifying the system on how the company reports and interact between the ground level workers and management by introducing a mobile-based reporting system enables you to do this through being perceived as a professional actor and taking the employee satisfaction to the next level.

According to the webpage the competition of recruitment in the oil and gas industry have never been bigger in the US. 2012 was the first year when the number of young workers entering the labor market would not be enough to replace the ones who retires.  In the last couple of years one of Texas’s top Universities, Rice University, had to deny several oil and gas companies’ access to the career fair simply because they did not had room for all the companies.

Is your employees eager to leave or won’t they stop coming?

Oil and gas companies in the United States usually score high on employee satisfaction making the competition of recruitment in the oil and gas industry hard. In “Business insiders” rating of the 50 best companies in the US, oil and gas companies generally range high with Chevron as the best on a 7th place.

To recruit the best people, some minimums must be present, e.g. salary, working conditions and job security. Still, studies suggests a number of other factors that motivates employees. Some studies show that imposing too many laws, rules and formal processes can be counterproductive on the employment satisfaction and hinder motivation among your employees. SEE Forge offers a solution to this by shifting from paper based to mobile based reporting system. With a reporting system on their phones employees no longer need to be stressed out with endless paper forms but can report directly on site using their cell phones or tablets.

Studies also show that when employees are engaged in routine work, they can be motivated by rewards and punishments. Mobile based reporting systems offers a better way for the company management to monitor and work with their employees. With mobile based reporting systems each employee might be recognized for their good efforts or managers can take actions to follow up employees who show a sloppy attitude when it comes to reporting and using the standards and guidelines of the company.

The solution not only makes reporting easier, thus limiting the amount of frustration when working with reporting, but also limit the number of handover points and the number of times the data needs to be re-entered into the system. Limiting the number of re-entries ensures data that are more accurate as well as saving the total amount of time used on reporting. The time saved, the employees can use on more meaningful tasks like executing their core tasks. Companies can estimate a decrease in 117 minutes for every form delivered.

recruitment in the oil and gas industryIn the oil and gas industry, safety is a big concern. To calculate risks and identify safety hazards, a manager is depending on the ground level workers to report what they are experiencing in their everyday work environment. When the ground level workers can report by just clicking on their phones or tablets, there is a bigger chance of them actually doing it. In order to compete for top talent oil and gas companies is dependent on being perceived as serious actors that takes safety among their employees seriously. Accidents big or small can cause severe damage to your company’s reputation.

Win the competition of recruitment in the oil and gas industry, by making people come to you

Implementing SEE Forge will also make your company stand out as more professional and innovative making your company seem more attractive for new employees. In order to win the competition of recruitment in the oil and gas industry companies must take their employees seriously.

Mobile reporting systems utilize technology that everyone is comfortable using to make reporting easier to do, more accessible for everyone in the organization and more accurate. Making your employees day-to-day work easier, safer and more meaningful and ensuring that people want to come to you instead of leaving. According to Our mobile planet 80% of people between the age of 18-34 owns a smartphone. To this people it will be natural to choose that are already using technology which they already use in their everyday life.