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Environmental Reporting Goes Mobile


Tracking pollutants involved with the transportation of supplies and equipment involved in the Oil and Gas Industry requires a mobile reporting solution.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments, an organization created by local governments in 1966 surrounding the Dallas and Forth Worth counties of Texas, has recently undertaken a study of the byproducts / pollutants produced by the transport of supplies and material to and from Oil and Gas Industry well sites. They completed this study using a mobile reporting solution to study the activity associated with oil wells and the transportation methods involved. This study, which we’ll link to below offers some exciting insights into how efficiency could be improved to help improve the bottom line and minimize pollutants released into the environment.

Increase multiple shades of green in your operation with mobile tracking

Mobile reporting solutions allow oil and gas firms to immediately view insights into their business practices that increase efficiency and create a greener operation.

The so-called “dirty industry” doesn’t have to be so dirty. With mobile reporting, companies have the ability now to increase multiple shades of green in their day to day operations. Become a relatively greener operation by monitoring transportation trends with mobile reporting to minimize excess vehicles and transportation on the road to and from well sites.

As well expansion slowed in the Dallas and Forth Worth counties of Texas, excess transportation capacity needed to be efficiently trimmed from the support grid.

The Barnett Shale is a large natural gas reserve in the Dallas and Forth Worth county area which experienced massive expansion in welling operations from 2006 to 2012, and has recently experienced a slow down as welling capacities are nearly met. From 2006-2012, this region saw 52,542 new, fully operational wells added to the infrastructure pumping oil and gas from the region. This is expected to continue to slow into the near future, with only 51 new wells expected in the region by 2018. With such volatility and a downward trend in well production, mobile reporting is key to providing the oil and gas industry the right data in order to successfully wind down construction operations and transition into maintained production mode.

You can find the study referenced in this report here: