Enterprise mobile strategy

Employees Drive Mobile App Adoption in the Oil and Gas Industry


Meeting the security demands of an increasingly mobile workforce requires careful strategic planning and consideration of mobile apps.

As discussed in previous articles, we already know that employees in the Oil and Gas Industry outpace the average US consumer in terms of mobile technology adoption. More and more, employees are taking their mobile phones and tablets to work and using them to complete their workplace reporting and communication. This trend represents an incredible opportunity to more easily synchronize critical data between the home office and the field, however this brings significant security concerns into play.

Mobile apps offer a level of customizable security to the Oil and Gas Industry that spans mobile platforms and operating systems.

Security and Scalability with Secure Mobile Apps for Your WorkforceBy allowing your company’s IT department to embrace mobile technology, you’ll not only gain more productive employees, but you’ll position the firm to implement customized apps for employee use in the field. Employees expect their enterprise software solution to be as easy and mainstream as their consumer apps for their tablets and smartphones. This means high functionality, with a minimal learning curve. The reward for meeting the high demands of the average field technician is a better reporting and data synchronization solution; the benefits of which are thoroughly discussed in our previous articles. The true beauty of customized apps is that they span all of the smartphone and tablet operating systems and provide a safe, secure infrastructure for your company to work within; whether the devices use iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile. This really represents a can’t miss opportunity for your firm.

Employee productivity rises when companies engage technicians on their personal electronic devices.

Because the iPhone or Android smartphone in your employee’s pocket is already intimately familiar to your field tech, there is a minimal learning curve when it comes to using this technology at work. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to complete routine, minor tasks from home if they’re able to complete those tasks with a mobile app directly on their personal smartphone or tablet. This increases collaboration, even off the clock, and gives your company a head start against the competition as you role into the next day of trading and production; all without losing the high IT security standards your company requires.