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Texas Oil Production: Back To The 1970’s


digital oilfield appsTexas first major oil boom began in 1901 with the discovery of the Spindletop oilfield. According to the EIA, the great state of Texas set its oil production record in 1972 with 3.4 million barrels per day. This was very close to the predictions of King Hubbert in 1956, who saw the US oil production to peak between 1965 and 1970. King Hubbert could not foresee the deepwater oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and the shale resources boom. Texas oil production set it lowest production record in September 2005 with 1.038 million barrels per day.

Production began to increase in 2010 with the new technologies introduced in the oil and gas shale plays. In April 2014, Texas produced 3.09 million barrels of oil per day. 2015 could set a new record, with a production never seen before.

An increase in production means more errors. Are you prepared?

Learn how an executive lowers error rates by 86% and cut wasted materials by 79%

Recently, a global company came and talked to SEE Forge after identifying the problems in their internal processes. In particular, they were spending too much time gathering data and filling out paper forms. This paperwork often led to double entry in several systems, and a large amount of administration.

A lot of the data collected was, in practice, unusable data and simply too hard to analyze at all. SEE Forge’s mobile app and online reporting center was implemented and the change was immediate. There was no more juggling of paper, pens, tools etc… there was simply one FatFinger™ solution so even the clumsiest of employees could use it.

“SEE Forge allowed our employees to feel like they were finally working in the 21st century”


It did not take long for the business to notice the differences in results, when compared to the old system. SEE Forge reduced the frequency of errors from the paper-based system’s by a staggering 86% reduction.

It also helped them know precisely how much materials needed to be used in a particular job – and then measure how accurate they have been in applying the materials.  This straight away meant that they solved the problem of them using either too much or too little, and thus materials wasted was dropped by 79%!


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SEE Forge is a mobile reporting platform that uses a FatFinger™ app to streamline workflows while eliminating paperwork, providing real-time operational analytics to management.

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