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SEE Forge provides expert commentary to ABC News about the iPhone 6


ABC News asked SEE Forge for their expert opinion on the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. While the iPhone 6 has been a much sought after device to keep up with competition the real question is – how will it help businesses? What is your greatest pain?

Common problems in the energy industry are:

  • Wasting time & money
    Double handling data, team not spending time on high value tasks.
  • Flying blind with bad data
    Blind to trends and frustrated that you can’t access critical information.
  • Can’t sleep
    People & company at risk because critical tasks aren’t getting completed.
  • Tired of nagging
    Constantly asking employees to submit important documents.
  • Looking unprofessional & losing contracts
    Not winning contracts because you look unprofessional & outdated.

The SEE Forge “FatFinger” app together with the new iPhone 6 will help businesses streamline workflows while eliminating paperwork, providing real-time operational analytics to management.

SEE Forge is the new Digital Oil Field on steroids.