Predictive Maintenance

Prescriptive vs Predictive Maintenance: Unveiling the Best for Your Business


As businesses strive to optimize their operations, the debate between prescriptive and predictive maintenance has become increasingly relevant. Both approaches have their merits, but which one is the best fit for your business? In this article, we will delve into the specifics of each method, and how they can be implemented using a powerful tool like FAT FINGER.

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Understanding Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is an engineer’s best friend and a powerful tool for optimizing platforms in a manufacturing facility. Instead of having scheduled maintenance done on a predetermined timeframe, predictive maintenance uses data and technology to specify when maintenance needs to be completed to prevent costly breakdowns accurately. It works by collecting data from a facility’s various components and then using it to determine when parts need maintenance, as well as use algorithms or Artificial Intelligence (AI), if necessary. Predictive maintenance can help save time and money, improve efficiency in the facility, and help ensure that safety standards are adhered to throughout the lifecycle of all machines.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

  • Reduces downtime by predicting failures before they occur
  • Improves the lifespan of machinery
  • Enhances safety by preventing catastrophic failures
  • Optimizes the use of maintenance resources

Understanding Prescriptive Maintenance

Prescriptive maintenance goes a step further than predictive maintenance. It not only predicts when a machine will fail but also prescribes a course of action to prevent that failure. This approach uses advanced analytics and machine learning to provide actionable insights, allowing maintenance teams to address potential issues proactively.

Benefits of Prescriptive Maintenance

  • Prevents unexpected failures by prescribing corrective actions
  • Improves operational efficiency by optimizing maintenance schedules
  • Enhances the lifespan of machinery
  • Reduces maintenance costs by preventing unnecessary repairs

Prescriptive vs Predictive Maintenance: Which is Better?

The choice between prescriptive and predictive maintenance depends on your business needs. If your operations rely heavily on machinery and unexpected downtime can lead to significant losses, prescriptive maintenance may be the better option. On the other hand, if your maintenance resources are limited and you need to optimize their use, predictive maintenance could be more suitable.

Regardless of the approach you choose, FAT FINGER can help you implement it effectively. With its advanced features, you can build a maintenance workflow that not only predicts failures but also prescribes corrective actions, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Both prescriptive and predictive maintenance have their advantages, and the choice between them depends on your business needs. However, implementing either approach effectively requires a powerful tool like FAT FINGER. With its advanced features, FAT FINGER can help you build a maintenance workflow that not only predicts failures but also prescribes corrective actions, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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