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Paperwork will lead your business to bankruptcy


Pradeep Anand is the President of consultant company Seeta Resources. He is an industry expert with more than a 30 year track record of success within oil and gas, technology and engineering.

Industry expert Pradeep Anand.Anand also acts as a mentor for SEE Forge through the Surge Accelerator program. During an interview with Anand, he was captured by SEE Forge’s mobile solution and made a statement that underlined the main worry for the industry-leading companies he has as clients:

 “Anybody using paperwork for any business will be obsolete in 5 years”.

The market is clearly trending away from the costly and time-consuming process that follows paper work, and towards a more automated and streamlined digital solution. Pradeep Anand sees the demand the industry leaders he has as clients have, as they are risking the sustainability of their industry with the outdated process of using paper. Recent SEE Forge findings have found that a mobile solution can cure a lot of the headaches these industries faces.

The obsolescence-risk will get mitigated if the mobile solution trend is followed as it has found to provide some great results if implemented:

– Increased average revenue by at least 30%

– Reduced costs by at least 24%

Failure to follow trends has previously proven to be crucial to industries. A quick remembrance to the American car industry proved that their failure to automate the car-building process led the way for the Chinese industry to grow as they implemented an automated process. The mobile solution impact is upon paper-using industries, and they are risking their sustainability and inviting companies that see the new and better mobile solution.