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Mobile Apps for the Oil and Gas Industry

mobile apps for the digital oil fieldAs the Oil and Gas Industry prepares to modernize and implement mobile technology to increase efficiency, mobile applications are fast becoming a necessity for your company’s daily operations. Current projections show $168 billion in investments in enterprise mobile technology by 2015. Nearly five percent of  this investment is earmarked for the Oil and Gas sector; representing nearly $8 billion of fresh capital.

Wireless Mobile Devices Opening New Possibilities For Oil And Gas Operations

Right now, two-thirds, or roughly sixty percent of the workforce in the United States utilize mobile technology in the workplace. According to the same surveys, over seventy-one percent of oil and gas industry workers utilizing mobile technology in their day to day operations. These statistics tell us that Oil and Gas sector employees are actually ahead of the general population of US workers. This is especially important when you consider the environment that these workers generally have to cope with; geographically remote locations that are spread out and require significant logistical considerations and time to reach. The automation that mobile applications provide make work significantly easier and allow the worker to focus on the task at hand instead of the bureaucratic nightmare of required paperwork and record keeping.

Oil and Gas Industry Conferences

One of the best ways to exchange ideas on ways to evolve your firm’s method of doing business is by attending conferences where industry leaders are able to share information and provide a perspective from through the lens of someone that’s already been around the next corner. When it comes to business development and scalability, always take the opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes and avoid making them your own.

Oil & Gas Mobility Summit Houston

An opportunity in the near future for your team to network and gain some valuable insight into the future of mobile technology our industry is the Oil and Gas Mobility Summit in Houston. This conference will feature speakers from Chevron, GE, and Arch Coal, Inc.. With so many industry leaders discussing the impact of the next generation of mobile technology in the oil and gas industry, you really can’t afford to miss out on this one of a kind networking opportunity from April 28-30.