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How mobile field reporting apps can increase on-site productivity by 97.5%


Mobile field reporting appsA case study shows that a multinational oil and gas company’s current process from filling out forms on-site and until its handled takes approximately 120 minutes. Mobile field reporting apps gives you and your team the opportunity to get this forms out of the way in approximately only 3 minutes. SEE Forge’s app collects all data and forms into one place, making the paper  process much more efficient as it is getting automated. Instead of the time consuming process of having the paper go through 8 different layers in the company before its processed, SEE Forge’s iPhone and Android app gives you the option of having just 2 – start and finish.

Decrease on-site security risks by 83 % and achieve better maintenance.

The case study showed that after implementing SEE Forge, incidents decreased by 83 %. Mobile field reporting apps makes reporting easy as your team doesn’t have to manually fill out every single paper as they are now. Instead SEE Forge gathers all your reports and documents with a few clicks on a iPhone or Android device and then it’s delivered in real-time on SEE Forge’s digital platform. Instead of filling out the approximately 52 000 forms the multinational oil and gas company did, imagine gathering all them in a simple, easy and accessible place. JSA’s, Take 5’s, audits, inspections and more would be handled in the same easy and fast place. This greatly decreases the continuously risks that are happening on-site because decisions and actions can be made right away. In that way you remove the risk following the time aspect it takes to manually deliver paper to the next layer. The option of adding GPS-location on your reports helps identifying where the problem help simplify decisions. Off-field decisions that never could happen before is now a reality.

Risk management using mobile field reporting appsYour field workers will experience a different working day without the psychological stress that follows with the paper mill. Easier asset management, easier environmental assessments, better material management, better field data management and remote digital document access are just some the elements that SEE Forge’s platform contributes to help on-site productivity because the field workers day will run much easier than before. The app shows who gets the job done and who don’t. In that sense it also easier to supervise your field workers as they will always have that feeling that they will be monitored and that may well to better results as getting seen by members higher in the hierarchy is more likely.

Projects will get finished faster and the insight a mobile field reporting app delivers to your executives is more valuable and precise than with the conventional method because it is in real-time. Analytics and dashboards with 2D and 3D visualization, real-time data surveillance, GPS and GIS, logbooks and field drawing updates are just some the many elements that gets provided in much simpler and professional  matter. You will also help the company save money in that sense that when reporting increases, so does the cost. With the opportunity to automate the paper process instead of manually handling it, you are providing your executives with a solution that makes the company save money.

With intrinsically safe cases mobile field reporting apps can be used anywhere on your iPhone or Android device.

With intrinsically safe cases, your field workers are able to use their mobile device where it normally wouldn’t be possible. Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 intrinsically safe cases make it possible to use mobile devices in environments exposed to risks. Depending of the hazards you’re working with, the safe cases protects both the mobile device and the environment around eliminating potential risks a smart device could carry with.

Mobile field reporting apps like SEE Forge makes on-field working days lean. It removes the inefficiency, the unprofessional look, process worry and bad information that the paper mill provides. Manually filled out paperwork may take weeks or even months to be handled and re-entered, and that may lead to the delivered data being inaccurate and/or outdated. Instead SEE Forge gives you better infrastructure, interactivity cross company levels, on-the-spot decision making and provides data in real-time for executives.