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Perth Company attracting global interest as it eliminates paper reporting


ozapp-logoPerth based company SEE Forge Mobile Solutions is receiving world-wide interest in their mobile application that eliminates paper reporting, whilst increasing safety and efficiency in the workplace. Their success has been recognised with SEE Forge Mobile Solutions just announced as one of the Top 5 Applications in Australia for the oZAPP Award 2012/13.

Most paper-based systems in business have to be double entered and are time consuming, tedious, prone to errors, and are hard to track. Hand written reports are often unclear, out-dated and unreliable causing complications for site supervisors and managers.

Entrepreneurs James McDonough and Chris Bjorklund saw this problem first hand and were quick to respond. Since they founded SEE Forge Mobile Solutions, the company has grown exponentially with staff numbers increasing rapidly and are now in discussions with companies across the globe to adopt the mobile solution.

“Through in-depth market research we found that medium to large organisations are desperate for a simple and efficient way to report and manage their issues in their workplace,” explains James McDonough, co-founder and Managing Partner at SEE Forge Mobile Solutions.

The SEE Forge Mobile Solution is fully customisable allowing each company to input their own paper-based forms for staff to utilise out on the field. Issues such as safety and maintenance are captured and sent in real-time to the company’s back-end system, where they are easily reviewed, tracked and analysed.

“The problem with software today; they are too hard for people to use. We wanted to create an easy solution that anyone can use without any prior training. Simply pick up and go! SEE Forge allows people to easily report an issue, customise their forms and analyse the data for better decision making. Fast and easy. Everyone wins,” says Chris Bjorklund, co-founder and Managing Partner at SEE Forge Mobile Solutions.

SEE Forge Mobile Solutions is looking ahead to another great year as companies across the globe are quickly learning that their current time consuming reporting processes can be eliminated with ONE mobile application, SEE Forge.


SEE Forge™ is an enterprise grade mobile reporting platform making it very easy for companies to transfer their existing paperwork and processes onto any mobile device. Powered by an online Command Centre to create custom forms and reports, it gives companies real-time insight into what is happening in the field at any given moment. Whether someone is reporting a safety hazard, quality assessment, general inspection, audits or that a machine requires servicing, SEE Forge™ ensures that employees can capture any issue, any time, any place using their mobile device. From paper to mobile – all in one easy place. SEE Forge is located in Perth, Western Australia.