Enterprise mobile strategy

Why Enterprise mobility is not an IT question


Enterprise mobility is not up to the IT department. It’s a business decision.

Working with key stakeholders from various departments will yield greatly improved results. One practical exercise that you can do as part of this effort is to make sure that you have a holistic understanding of the business requirements to create mobility use cases.

At a minimum, they should contain:

  • A title (goal)
  • An actor or persona
  • A story (description and scope)
  • Outcomes (success and exception)

The desired outcomes from this exercise is quite important, and it should outline what happens when it doesn’t go according to plan. It’s important to remember that the goal is not to define every scenario in minutiae, but rather to get an overall sense and understanding of the potential value of mobility to your organisation.

Keep in mind that results may not be financial. Success for your organisation might be as simple as user adoption, speed, ease of use and it must be something you can track.

Nothing is more doomed to failure as technology for technology’s sake. Mobility is no exception. By asking and answering “why mobile?” you will be able to figure out how to maximize the opportunities mobility presents your business.

Take the time to understand what value mobility can deliver for your organisation and the winnings will pay out for years to come.