From the moment you enter our office in Midtown Houston, Texas you feel the energy from some of the smartest minds hard at work.

We want to make the world a better and a more efficient place. Our team is dedicated to create technology to expand possibilities. We strive to improve ourselves, encourage our team mates and always try to be the best we can be.

We don’t believe in the traditional “8am to 5:30pm” work philosophy. We believe people who love what they do will achieve great things. We offer (besides the usual insurance stuff) 100% flex time (great way to avoid that Houston rush hour traffic), sporadic theme days like “Hawaii Fridays” and much more.


  • Successful entrepreneurs and technologists.
  • Funded by some of the top USA venture capital firms.
  • Awarded 2nd best mobile application in Australia by oZAPP Awards 2013.
  • Part of #1 USA Energy Start-up accelerator; Surge Accelerator.
  • Nominated by Silicon Valley Business Awards for best productivity app.