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The Impact of Wearable Technology on Worker Safety During Production Rounds


As technology continues to evolve, it is increasingly being integrated into various aspects of our lives. One area where this is particularly evident is in the realm of worker safety. Wearable technology for worker safety is becoming a game-changer in industrial manufacturing safety, enhancing safety with wearables in production rounds. This article will delve into the impact of wearable technology on worker safety during production rounds, with a particular focus on the role of FAT FINGER software in this revolution.

Understanding Wearable Technology for Worker Safety

Wearable technology refers to smart electronic devices that can be worn on the body as accessories or implants. These devices are equipped with sensors that collect and analyze data about the wearer’s health and environment. In the context of industrial manufacturing safety, wearable technology can monitor workers’ vital signs, detect hazardous environmental conditions, and even provide real-time feedback to prevent accidents.

Enhancing Safety with Wearables in Production

Wearable technology is transforming the way safety is managed during production rounds. Here are some ways in which wearables are enhancing safety:

  • Real-time monitoring: Wearable devices can monitor workers’ vital signs and alert them or their supervisors if there are any abnormalities. This can help prevent health-related incidents on the job.
  • Environmental hazard detection: Some wearables can detect hazardous environmental conditions such as high temperatures, toxic gases, or radiation. This can help workers avoid dangerous situations.
  • Accident prevention: Some wearable devices can provide real-time feedback to workers, helping them avoid accidents. For example, a wearable device could alert a worker if they are about to lift a heavy object in a way that could cause injury.

Case Study: Wearables in Industrial Manufacturing Safety

A study conducted by the American Society of Safety Professionals found that wearable technology reduced workplace injuries by 20%. The study also found that workers who used wearable technology felt safer and more confident in their work. This is a clear indication of the positive impact wearable technology can have on worker safety during production rounds.

The Role of FAT FINGER Software

FAT FINGER is a digital workflow procedure builder that empowers front-line teams to do their work correctly every time. It allows you to build checklists, workflows, and digital procedures that unlock operational excellence. With FAT FINGER, you can create digital workflows and checklists for facility inspection and production rounds, ensuring your facility keeps running without a hitch.

For example, a comprehensive inspection checklist could include components and areas such as doors and doorways, floors and floor coverings, walls and ceilings, stairs and railings, windows and window coverings, electrical outlets and switches, emergency equipment, and plumbing fixtures. Following this checklist can help keep your facility in good condition and avoid costly repairs or downtime.


Wearable technology for worker safety is revolutionizing industrial manufacturing safety. By providing real-time monitoring, environmental hazard detection, and accident prevention, wearables are enhancing safety during production rounds. The integration of digital workflow procedure builders like FAT FINGER further enhances this safety by ensuring that all safety procedures and checklists are followed meticulously. The future of worker safety in production rounds is undoubtedly digital, and wearable technology is leading the charge.

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