SEE Forge at Surge Day 2014



Surge day 2014 marks the ending of the Surge accelerator program. The oil and gas software company SEE Forge are among the 12 companies presenting at Surge day and look back at 3 intensive months.

Surge Accelerator is rated as the top 9 accelerator in the US and the number 1 accelerator dedicated to energy innovation. For the 2014 class there were 556 applications and only 12 companies were accepted, this makes Surge Accelerator one of the most exclusive accelerators in the US with only about 2 per cent being accepted. (In comparison to top accelerator “Y combinator” have an acceptance rate of between 2,5 and 3 per cent.)

“When we were accepted into the Surge accelerator program we felt incredibly lucky, humble and proud. Working alongside some of the best energy start-ups in the world and having access to top mentors really makes you perform at your very best every day.” Says James McDonough, CEO and co-founder of SEE Forge.

Founded in Perth, Australia in 2012 by James McDonough and Chris Bjorklund, SEE Forge provides a cloud-based solution for improving operational efficiencies and lowering risks. SEE Forge eliminates paper work and spreadsheets so that companies can monitor, do predictive analytics in real time. Employees have a single app that combines any process and all existing systems.

SEE Forge have throughout the Surge Accelerator program received new valuable insights, secured funding, won new customers and are looking optimistic on their future growth.

“Looking back at the last three months, the time at Surge have been amazing for us. We have gone from being new to the Houston startup scene to ensuring capital and won new customers and are now growing every week.” Says James.

With over 500 executive representatives and investors from companies such as Saudi Aramco, Shell, Chevron, Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Schlumberger and more, there is no need of explaining the arena of possibilities the Surge Day event holds. Located in the House of Blues in downtown Houston, each of the participating companies will be holding their sales pitch for the attending companies.

“Surge Day is truly an exciting event. We look forward to present our solution to new potential customers and now that they will be as excited as us when they see our app,” says James.

SEE Forge is now settling down permanently in Houston and will continue to strive to give their customers the best possible solutions.

“We know for a fact that oil and gas companies can save millions by switching from paper based reporting systems to our mobile based solution. Being that Houston is the energy capital of the world, moving with our families here have been a huge step in the right direction.” say Chris Bjorklund co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “We have gone from being on the phone with Houston companies every day to being located right in the epicenter of the oil and gas capital of the world.”