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Mobile is Critical to Global Operations


The oil and gas industry is growing to view mobile applications as a critical part of global operations. 

mobile safty app for a refinery in HoustonBy 2015, $8 billion will be spent on oil and gas mobile applications, according to a survey by Oil and Gas IQ.

Chief information officers ranked mobile technology 2nd on a list of top 10 priorities for the oil and gas industry. In their experience, they report high hurdles in bringing experts to any offshore location – regardless of location. The shortage of living quarters, travel logistics and safety requirements make these trips time consuming and also impact overall health safety and environment. Onshore operations also face many of these same hurdles, especially when experts are located in different regions. These problems can now be solved using mobile applications.

In that survey:

  • 95% said that mobile devices would enhance operations within the oil and gas sector.
  • 80% of oil and gas executives surveyed see mobile technologies as a means for companies to achieve high productivity and capacity
  • 76% see it as adding value to scheduling and crew management

Further statistics reveals Oil and Gas executives said:

  • 82% saw mobile applications as a way to more effectively handle crisis or emergency management
  • 65% saw mobile technologies as valuable in preventing failures
  • 56% said that mobile technologies could enhance environmental safety and sustainability efforts

In one case example, a field engineer connected to a gas valve expert by using mobile inspection tools. Together, they were able to resolve an issue that had caused repeated shutdowns at an unmanned well increasing production by an estimated $3 million per year.

In another case, a customer was even concerned with teams travelling 100 miles to troubleshoot an issue with a core tool due to their organizations health, safety and environment objectives.

How much can your company save by using mobile applications to streamline operational costs?

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