Facility Inspection/Production Rounds

Mastering Inspection Rounds: Proven Strategies for Flawless Facility Checks


Facility inspections are a critical part of maintaining a safe and functional facility. Following a comprehensive inspection checklist can help keep your facility in good condition and avoid costly repairs or downtime. In this digital age, the use of innovative software like FAT FINGER can elevate your team’s facility inspection to new heights.

FAT FINGER is a digital workflow procedure builder that empowers frontline teams to do their work correctly every time, by letting you build checklists, workflows & digital procedures that unlock operational excellence.

  • Streamline your checklists, SOPs and inspections with our intuitive workflow solution.
  • Enjoy the ease of dragging & dropping digital procedures onto a platform directly where work is done – plus generate professional reports in an instant.
  • Revolutionize facility inspections quickly without compromising excellence.

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Effective Strategies for Conducting Inspection Rounds in Facilities

1. Develop a Comprehensive Inspection Checklist

One of the most effective strategies for conducting Inspection Rounds is to develop a comprehensive inspection checklist. This checklist should include all areas of the facility that need to be inspected, as well as specific items or equipment within those areas. With FAT FINGER, you can easily create and customize your inspection checklist, ensuring that nothing is overlooked during the inspection process.

2. Use Digital Workflow Procedures

Another effective strategy is to use digital workflow procedures. These procedures can guide inspectors through the inspection process, ensuring that all necessary steps are followed and that all relevant data is collected. FAT FINGER’s drag & drop workflow builder allows you to easily create and customize these procedures, making the inspection process more efficient and effective.

Drag and drop workflow builder on FAT FINGER. Quality assurance with FAT FINGER

3. Incorporate Technology

Incorporating technology into the inspection process can greatly improve efficiency and accuracy. FAT FINGER offers features like Mobile & Desktop Workflows, Dashboards, Integrations, Augmented Reality, Connect IoT Devices, and Artificial Intelligence Coaching. These features can help streamline the inspection process, provide real-time data and insights, and even offer guidance and coaching to inspectors.

4. Regular Training and Updates

Regular training and updates are crucial for ensuring that all inspectors are up-to-date on the latest inspection procedures and standards. FAT FINGER’s Artificial Intelligence Coaching can provide real-time guidance and training to inspectors, helping to ensure that they are always performing at their best.


Conducting effective Inspection Rounds in facilities is crucial for maintaining a safe and functional environment. By developing a comprehensive inspection checklist, using digital workflow procedures, incorporating technology, and providing regular training and updates, you can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your inspection process. FAT FINGER’s innovative features and intuitive platform can help streamline this process, making it easier than ever to conduct thorough and accurate inspections.

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