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Evaluating the ROI of Connected Work Technologies in Industrial Shutdowns


Industrial shutdowns, also known as turnarounds, are critical periods in the lifecycle of industrial operations. They involve a complete halt of production to carry out maintenance, inspection, and overhaul tasks. While necessary, these shutdowns can be costly and time-consuming. However, with the advent of connected work technologies like FAT FINGER, companies can significantly reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of their shutdown operations.

Understanding the Role of Connected Work Technologies

Connected work technologies are digital tools designed to streamline and automate various aspects of industrial operations. They include features like drag & drop workflow builders, mobile & desktop workflows, dashboards, integrations, augmented reality, IoT device connectivity, and artificial intelligence coaching. These technologies are transforming the way industrial shutdowns are managed, leading to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.

The Impact of FAT FINGER on Industrial Shutdowns

FAT FINGER is a leading digital workflow procedure builder that empowers front-line teams to do their work correctly every time. It allows you to build checklists, workflows, and digital procedures that unlock operational excellence. FAT FINGER’s solutions span across safety, operations, and maintenance areas, including safety risk assessments, quality control, shift handovers, mobile asset inspections, and shutdown/turnaround forms.

Calculating the ROI of Connected Work Technologies

When evaluating the ROI of connected work technologies in industrial shutdowns, several factors come into play:

  • Reduction in Downtime: By streamlining and automating processes, these technologies can significantly reduce the duration of shutdowns.
  • Improved Efficiency: Connected work technologies enhance communication and coordination among teams, leading to improved efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing downtime and improving efficiency, these technologies can lead to substantial cost savings.
  • Enhanced Safety: These technologies also enhance safety by ensuring that all safety protocols and procedures are strictly followed.

Case Study: The Impact of FAT FINGER on Industrial Shutdowns

Drag and drop workflow builder on FAT FINGER. Quality assurance with FAT FINGER

A case study involving a major industrial company demonstrated the significant impact of FAT FINGER on industrial shutdowns. The company used FAT FINGER’s digital workflow procedure builder to streamline its shutdown processes. As a result, the company reduced its shutdown duration by 20%, leading to significant cost savings. Additionally, the company reported improved safety and efficiency in its shutdown operations.


Connected work technologies like FAT FINGER are revolutionizing the way industrial shutdowns are managed. By streamlining and automating processes, these technologies can significantly reduce downtime, improve efficiency, enhance safety, and lead to substantial cost savings. Therefore, the ROI of these technologies is substantial and can be a game-changer for industrial companies.

Are you ready to unlock operational excellence in your industrial shutdowns? Sign up for FAT FINGER or request a demo today to see how our digital workflow procedure builder can transform your shutdown operations.