Do you know your “Idea to ROI”?


Idea-to-ROI is the time it takes to go from an idea generated by your people to the business receiving value from a fully functional solution based on that idea.

Your team’s painful & high cost reality
Everyday we hear extreme frustration about the time and lengthy process it takes to actually implement an idea that will save a team money and prevent risk. From the time an idea is generated, to finding who to present that idea to, waiting on approval for it to turn into an IT project and then finally waiting on IT to potentially deliver that idea. Everyone involved is frustrated and, more often than not, people give up before an solution can be delivered.

As companies grow the slower the idea to ROI process becomes. Thankfully, with the advent of new tools, this lag is being disrupted and eliminated completely. With simple drag and drop tools such as the FAT FINGER platform, solutions can now be created in minutes rather than months or years.

3 Critical risks regarding “Idea to ROI”

  1. Cost needs to have a return
    The more people that touch the project when going from an idea to ROI, the more it will cost. It all adds up – from the time a subject matter expert spends to generate this idea, share it with their team, present it to a manager, IT review, research and development, 3rd party services, procurement, testing and finally implementation. As the total timeline for this project expands, so does the cost. Everyone’s time is money that could be generating ROI elsewhere.
  2. Time to market
    Time spent waiting to get an idea to market is critical. We’re living in a rapidly changing business environment and waiting months and years to get one idea out into the field is too long. If your team is currently taking weeks/months/year to go from an idea to ROI you will go out of business or be replaced. There’s a reason why you see so many acquisitions, especially in the technology world. Anyone can build anything with enough time and resources. It’s about Speed on ROI, not re-inventing the wheel.
  3. Excitement and Culture
    Lastly, the more bureaucracy and levels of review the more it wears on people’s energy. People as a whole are trying do the best job they can. If they’re given poor tools and processes and they don’t see positive change they begin to burn out and look elsewhere. If your idea to ROI is too long, you’re losing your best people because they’re going to move to teams that are able to take these good ideas and grow a career around them.

FAT FINGER dramatically reduces Idea to ROI cost, time to market and employee engagement.

We’ve all heard IT’s excuses and people getting frustrated with technology projects because they are simply taking too long. With FAT FINGER’s drag and drop platform you can create your own solutions in seconds. This reduces overall cost, gets you to market immediately and lastly keeps your people excited to see their ideas put into action immediately.

If you’re wondering in the back of your mind “What is your idea to ROI timeline?”
it’s probably too slow and expensive.