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Advanced Robotics in Oil Extraction and Maintenance


As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, advanced robotics has emerged as a key player in enhancing efficiency and safety. This is where FAT FINGER comes into play. FAT FINGER is a digital workflow procedure builder that empowers front-line teams to do their work correctly every time, unlocking operational excellence in the process.

The Role of Advanced Robotics in Oil Extraction

Advanced robotics has revolutionized the oil extraction process. Robots can perform tasks that are dangerous or impossible for humans, such as drilling in extreme conditions or handling hazardous materials. They can also operate continuously, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

  • Drilling: Robots can perform precise drilling operations, reducing the risk of human error and increasing efficiency.
  • Inspection: Advanced robotics can carry out inspections in hazardous environments, improving safety and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Maintenance: Robots can perform routine maintenance tasks, freeing up human workers for more complex tasks.

Case Study: The Use of Advanced Robotics in Maintenance

Hazard Identification and Risk Management

A prime example of the use of advanced robotics in maintenance is the deployment of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for pipeline inspections. These robots can navigate complex underwater structures, identify potential issues, and relay this information back to operators on the surface. This not only improves safety but also increases efficiency and reduces costs.

FAT FINGER: A Key Player in Advanced Robotics

Advanced robotics is transforming the oil and gas industry, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity. FAT FINGER’s digital workflow procedure builder is at the forefront of this revolution, empowering teams to perform their work correctly every time.

FAT FINGER’s digital workflow procedure builder allows teams to build checklists, workflows, and digital procedures that enhance operational efficiency. Key features include a drag & drop workflow builder, mobile & desktop workflows, dashboards, integrations, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence coaching.

With FAT FINGER, you can build workflows across the following solutions:

  • Safety: FAT FINGER solutions include Take 5 Safety, Near miss reporting, JSA / JHA, Risk Assessment, Incident reporting, and Journey report.
  • Operations: FAT FINGER offers Material Inspection, Quality Control, Shift Handover, Facility inspection / Production rounds, Line Changeover, and Field ticket.
  • Maintenance: FAT FINGER provides Work Order Checklist, Truck inspection checks, Mobile Asset Inspection, Shutdown / Turnaround form, Preventive maintenance inspection, and Predictive maintenance.

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