$1.8M in increased profits – energy service provider

Automated job dispatch, field tickets, JSA, & vehicle inspection

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Increased profits

Reduced incorrect and lost field tickets by $1.8M/year.

Get paid faster

The company man signs off in the field and they get paid faster.

Winning more work from large clients

Presenting SEE Forge to their clients to beat unprofessional looking competitors.

Cost savings through efficiency

Team spending their time on high value money making activities E.g. Not double entering, paper pushing, etc.


Everything is completed the way it was intended. E.g. SOPs available and monitored that they are being completed correctly.

Capture experience and keep it from walking out the door

Transferred experience to assist inexperienced team members by providing readily available and easy to follow instructions that aren’t lost if people leave the team.

# of Days to Cash

# of Days to Cash

Incorrect & Lost Field Tickets

Incorrect & Lost Field Tickets